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"MacGyver" Blood Brothers (1988)

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Returning to his hometown to honor a childhood promise, MacGyver is haunted by an accident with a gun in his youth, as he tries to help two teenage boys - sons of old friends - battle the local crack dealers. Can our resourceful hero save the day and prevent a second tragedy? The story starts with a flashback to four boys burying a 'time capsule' in 1963. They vow to return in 25 years to dig it up again. Fast forward to MacGyver driving into Mission City, Minnisota, noting how much the place has changed. His return is bitter-sweet, dredging up memories of a bad decision he made in youth - with fatal consequences. He looks up one old friend now running a sporting goods store, and another who is in the police force. Neither is keen to fulfill the promise made. Gradually, the story unfolds as to what happened that fateful day when they were young, while in the present day, two teenage sons learn that they can't always handle what the adult world throws at them.


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