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Plot Summary

  • Abercrombie & Fitch help BJ and Hawkeye cause unrest between the officers in the boiling summer at the 4077; the Swamp Rats receive a box which Chuckles calls "canvas Xanadu." Klinger dons a fur coat and woollens and tries to melt his way out of the Army. No one at 4077 can keep a secret, especially with Hawkeye singing and quacking. Radar has a bad case of tonsillitis and with 104* heat, Potter and Hawkeye worry about his temperature. It becomes necessary to immerse Radar in the canvas Xanadu...everyone learns the secret at that point. With the mild Father Mulcahy yelling and waving a toilet brush, the camp is in revolt. Supply Sgt. Clifford Rhoden aka "The Scrounger," offers cases of scotch and other goodies for the guys' 63 gallons of civilization. Col. Potter does Radar's surgery personally and he orders the Swamp Rats get rid of the tub. Radar is miserable and hot...he wants strawberry ice cream. Can the guys work a deal with the Scrounger? Will Klinger make it 24 hours or will a tiny green bath towel make a run for her tent?

    - Written by LA-Lawyer
  • With the ever rising Korean temperatures, Hawkeye and B.J. are delighted when the bath tub they ordered from Abacrombie & Fitch arrives. But it isn't long before Charles, Margaret, Radar and the entire camp find out about it and the result is everyone in camp lining up to use the bin of proverbial cool water.

    - Written by <Explorerds6789>
  • A bath tub Hawkeye and B.J. purchase during a heat wave instantly becomes the ultimate hot spot, while Radar prepares for a tonsillectomy.

    - Written by <Explorerds6789>


The oppressive heat of a Korean summer is bothering everyone, especially Radar (who needs a tonsillectomy)...

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