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  • Margaret seeks contributions for a time capsule.



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  • After reading a news story about a time capsule, Margaret decides that the 4077th should put together a capsule of their own. Hawkeye at first responds with his usual dry humor, but eventually decides that if they are indeed going to bury things than he might as well "bury the hatchet" with Margaret, so to speak, and assembles an assortment of donations for the capsule.

    *Hawkeye himself puts in the teddy bear that formerly belonged to Radar, as a symbol of all the fighters who came to Korea as boys & went home as men.

    *BJ adds a piece of fishing tackle that formerly belonged to the camp's commanding officer Henry Blake- as a reminder of all those who never made it home.

    *Charles offers a bottle of fine brandy, promising that it will be a magnificent treat to those who eventually find the time capsule.

    *Father Mulcahey contributes a pair of well-worn boxing gloves, hoping that they can be used as a much more peaceful resolution to the wars in the future.

    *Klinger offers his favorite "Scarlett O' Hara" gown, but Margaret steadfastly refuses- until Klinger points out that a gown can also be symbolic: It stands for "the girls (we) left behind." Margaret relents, on the condition that Klinger add a tasteful black dress instead.

    Meanwhile, Col. Potter learns that a wounded soldier shot by a sniper was placed on a chopper several hours ago, but the chopper never arrived at the camp. The accused shooter is a Korean woman named Soon-Lee, who is desperate to try & get away to find her missing parents. Several hours later, the chopper (damaged by enemy fire) finally arrives. After the wounded soldier is operated on, Klinger examines the bullet fragment and sees that it couldn't have come from the gun Soon-Lee was carrying. Max offers to use their resources & help Soon-Lee find her parents as a way of apology.

    When the others find out what drastic steps the chopper pilot took to ensure the survival of the wounded solder, they are awestruck. Since nobody actually paid attention to the pilot at the time, Hawkeye adds the broken fan belt from his chopper to their time capsule- in the hope that somebody someday will remember the heroic actions.

    This is the last 1/2 hour episode of the series

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