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This Has Got To Be The Duck-Hunting Episode
richard.fuller127 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I always remember an episode of The LUcy Show where Lucy wants to impress a prospective date who likes to duck hunt and she goes with him.

She accidentally loses the duck-caller, the date is disappointed, so Lucy begins making 'quack quack' noises herself.

And lo and behold, it works! Next thing Lucy knows, she has a line of hunters wanting to use her duck calling talents.

"Wait a minute, fellas," she says. "I gotta stretch my legs." So she stands and slowly walks around in those rubber pants and boots, and suddenly tumbles into a water hole.

The hunters haul her back out, and she makes her way back over to her seat.

She sits down and suddenly she starts to wiggle. Something is in those rubber pants with her.

She reaches back and hauls out a big black frog, giving one of her trademark shocked reactions.

Later, she is elegantly attired as her plan worked, she is going on the date.

Now I don't recall if there was a final joke or something that spoiled her plans.

I found this title by looking up Keith Andes, after watching him in an episode of Daniel Boone. I wanted to see what became of this blue-eyed blonde fellow whose looks should have made something of him.

I found he had appeared on The LUcy Show in a Duck Hunting episode.

That had to be it.

Been over 35 years tops since I've seen this episode.

Fun to think about it again.
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