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After this episode aired, ABC announced that "Lost" had been picked up for the full season.
While Locke's paralysis, and subsequent cure, have become a central element of the show, they were introduced relatively late in production. As late as the second episode, when Locke tells Walt "I have a secret" the writers did not know what that secret was.
Jack Bender tried to keep blue and green out of the flashbacks to contrast with the beachside scenes.
Locke mentions that he worked as a collections supervisor for a box company. In episode 1.18, Numbers, that featured Hurley, we learn that his accountant has purchased controlling interest in a box company for Hurley's portfolio. Hurley is therefore Locke's boss.
This episode's original title was "Lord of the Files", a reference to the revelation that John Locke was nothing more than an office drone.
This episode reiterates a lot of scenes from the pilot, featuring the mayhem immediately after the crash. These are not the original scenes but were all actually economically recreated for this episode.
Right after Locke gets off the phone in his office, his boss reminds him that he needs the "TPS reports", a possible reference to Office Space (1999) further showing that Locke is a merely a simple office worker.
No real boars were involved in the making of this episode (even though it's all about hunting some down).
This episode's original title "Lord of the Files" was rejected as it was ultimately decided that it was too glib.
During the flashback scene (approx 9:40 mark) after Randy indicates he wants the TPS reports by NOON, Locke begins punching the electronic paper calculator as Randy walks away. The resulting "ticka-ticka" sound is the same sound the Smoke Monster makes throughout the series.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In this episode we learn that John Locke was actually wheelchair bound prior to the crash.

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