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  • The U.S. marshal's assignment is revealed. Later, there is a difference of opinion between Jack and Sawyer as to how to help the critically injured marshal. Flashback to what Kate was doing in Australia. Scenes of the crash from Kate's POV. A small group sets off with a transceiver in an effort to send a mayday signal. Michael forbids Walt to speak to Locke. Locke later extends an act of kindness toward Michael that may help the father-son relationship. Sayid makes a bid to organize some island committees.

  • The mysterious past of Kate Austen is partially disclosed through flashbacks, when she was betrayed in Australia and delivered to Marshal Edward Mars. However, what she did to be chased is not presented. Meanwhile, Michael Dawson is preoccupied with the friendship of his son Walt Lloyd and the weird John Locke and promises to find his dog Vincent to get his attention.

  • Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Sayid, Boone and Shannon plan not to tell anyone about what they heard. Jack and Hurley discover that Kate is the fugitive. Kate tries to convince Jack that he should let the Marshall die so he doesn't suffer, but Jack believes she just wants him dead.

  • Jack and Hurley discover an alarming secret about Kate, while the marshal's life hangs in the balance.


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  • The US Marshal keeps asking Jack about Kate as he is treating him. He warns Jack not to trust her. He asks Jack where are his handcuffs (which he had put on Kate) and suddenly realizes that he'd the keys to it in his Jacket pocket and asks Jack to look for it in it. Jack immediately checks his jacket pocket and finds out a mug shot which shows that Kate is a criminal.

    As it was getting dark, the group decides to camp the night out in the jungle. Sayid explains everyone what exactly had happened during the flight. The pilot had lost communication with the ground which compels him to turn around the plane to land in Fiji. However, this was not communicated to passengers. (Because the pilot assumed that he'd safely land the plane) As the plane crashed 1000 miles off course, there is but very less chance that the rescue team would locate them. Sawyer suggests that they should be talking about the other thing on the island and the French woman who said "they are all dead." instead of how the plane got crashed. The group debates whether to tell the people back on the island of what they've heard. Sayid makes his point that if they told the truth without fully understanding it, it may cause a panic and people might lose hope that they would ever be rescued off the island.

    Back on the beach Hurly gets his hands laid on the paper which has Kate's mug shot as a criminal. So now apart from the US Marshal only two people know that Kate is a criminal - Jack and Hurley.

    At the night camp, Boone surreptitiously tries to steal the gun from sleeping Sayid. He wakes up and asks him what he was doing. He just says that he is standing guard. The group decides that Kate should keep the gun.

    The scene flashes back to Australia where Kate is sleeping on a part of a farmhouse. The farm owner Ray Mullen wakes her up and asks her why she is trespassing on his property. After listening to her story, he offers her to give a place to stay if she helps him out with some chores his wife had left him before she died. She accepts willfully and stretches her hand out to shake his. But he tells her that he is a lefty. Kate notices that he has a prosthetic right hand.

    The group comes back on the beach and Sayid is filling everyone in on what happened on the mountain top. He says that they need to organize three separate groups for water, electronics and rationing food. The group had decided earlier not to tell anyone about the distress call by a French woman. However, Kate feels obliged to tell Jack about it and she does tell him. Kate asks about the condition of the US Marshal unaware that Jack now knows about her. Jack decides to play along with her for a while. Next, Jack tells Hurly that the Marshal is not going to get better unless they use some stronger antibiotics. Jack suggests Hurly that they should look for more antibiotics through the luggage in the overhead compartments in the plane. Jack goes in the plane to look for more medicines, but apparently Sawyer has beat him to it except that he is looking for different things. (eg. booze and smoke)

    Kate introduces herself to Hurly and asks about Jack. Hurly notices a gun tucked in at the waist of her jeans in the back and gets scared remembering that she is a criminal. He almost runs away from her in fear which leaves Kate wondering about it.

    In a flashback, Kate tries to sneak away in the middle of the night from the farm when Ray catches her. He requests her to leave in the next morning which she accepts. Actually, Ray had found about her when he had seen her picture in the post office. He makes her that request because he intends to turn her over to the police the next morning and win the reward of $23,000 grand. He tactfully disguises his intention and drives her off. Kate spots a vehicle which apparently was following them and immediately realizes that Ray has got to know about her and suspects his intentions. We see the US Marshal in the vehicle who makes a gesture of a bullet shoot meaning that she's got caught.

    Michael doesn't like his son to be hanging around with lock. But Walt considers him as his friend. Michael goes into the jungle to find Vincent out for Walt. In the weeds, he hears a growling sound there and starts to run off back to the beach. On the way he runs into Sun in an awkward situation and walks away back towards the beach.

    Sawyer comes up to Kate and suggests her that she should put the Marshal out of his misery, because that beats the Marshal going through all that pain and them listening to him screaming all night.

    In a flashback, Kate tries to steer the car away in an attempt to escape. But the car gets overturned and catches fire. Kate pulls Ray out of the car and drag's him as far as the road to save his life. The Marshal catches up with her there and she gets arrested.

    Back on the beach, she walks into the tent of Marshal to talk and Marshal requests her to put him out of his misery. Though being a criminal she hesitates to do it and apparently Sawyer does that. Sawyer shoots the Marshal but misses his heart meaning the Marshal will now suffer even more pain until he bleeds out to death.

    Michael had forbidden Walt to speak with John. However, John later extends an act of kindness towards Michael that may help the father-son relationship. Michael gets Vincent back to Walt as he sees the happy expression on his face.

    The episode ends with John Lock's enigmatic look on his face.

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