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The Great Saticons From Wreck Of The Robot Return!
StuOz27 May 2007
It is a battle of the aliens all over a magic belt. The alien Saticons will return Smith to earth if he hands over the item in question.

It is alien John Carradine (yes, that John Carradine) Vs the graveyard-voiced Saticons who all wish to own the galaxy gift magic belt...and will do ANYTHING to get it!

Despite the simple costume, those Saticons are very chilling and 60% of the credit must go to the under-rated and under-used (in Hollywood) voice artist Mr Jim Mills. In this century, Hollywood can spend millions of dollars on expensive alien make up in sci-fic block busters, but we all know it is pretend, but you can't do a good pretend out-of-this-world voice. The computers can't do that yet. A good voice comes from this thing called human talent with experience. So take note of The Galaxy Gift, Mr Hollywood.
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Aliens in Pork Pie hats!
Andrew Huggett28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Although the final episode of the 2nd colour season this episode is actually quite good. It starts off looking as though it's going to be very silly, but actually it's another morality tale about family. (as an aside I can't help thinking all the luridly coloured 2nd and 3rd season episodes would have worked better in black and white). There's some strangely attired aliens (which somehow work and look very sinister and otherworldly indeed) and economical reuse of props from earlier episodes (including yet another reuse of the Jupiter 2's freezing tubes and the circular rocket base which has also been used on numerous occasions). As usual Dr Smith tries to bargain with a bunch of aliens to get back to earth and gets into trouble. Guy Williams and Mark Goddard are only briefly in this episode. The alien guest star is the splendid John Carradine.
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