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The Colonists

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
28 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Francine York makes mincemeat of the scenery as man-hating female warrior alien forcing the male species of the Robinson party into slave labor, the job for them to do is clear an area and prepare a launch pad and arch for the arrival of her planet's colonists. York's Noble Niolani has a force field set up so they cannot escape, soon informing John and Don that the intention for them is to always work as slaves. So John and Don attempt numerous times to escape, but their efforts fail, often because of Dr. Smith who has deviously won over Niloani's good graces and believes she might be his ticket back to earth. John and Don know that they need to get past the force field because weapons are available in a hidden spot and the arch must be destroyed before the colonists arrive. Will and Robot might have to assist…that is unless Smith turns whistleblower. This is all about York. That stunning figure in a tight, black outfit, her ordering the men around, detesting their very appearance, lifting her voice in a manner most foul to them, using her scepter to hurt and destroy objects as a means to get their attention, hostilely referring to men as useless other than to work and obey her every command. Even Penny begins to believe her planet's ideology, ordering Will to place a bracelet back on her wrist she purposely dropped. Smith's repulsion towards labor motivates him to get out of hard work by returning to his artist shtick. It works, and before you know Smith is in charge of ordering John and Don around. Plastic explosive, in the form of a sculpture might just do the trick… Feminism makes its way into Lost in Space, although I felt it was portrayed as ignorant, really laying on thick using York's over-the-top performance that an attempt at reversing the roles in society with the women in charge of the men would be akin to a totalitarian dictatorship. Will's arguments with Penny over boys and girls, Smith as a delicate *artiste* too flimsy for hard labor, and York spending most of her time quarreling with an unruly Don all factor into this episode. The opening had the Robinson party setting up relay stations so they could communicate across the planet. The prop dept bring out the telescope from "Girl in the Green Dimension" and use it as a piece of equipment by Niloani to send a signal to the Colonists relating the coordinates where to land on the planet…leave it to them not to let a giant prop sit in the warehouse very long, even if we realize that it was something else entirely just a few episodes back in the second season. Don's got plenty of ammo in this episode, his barbs with York are entertaining; she sure earns his ire and he isn't afraid to snap back little comments that test her patience with him.

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Daffy Feminist Episode

Author: richard.fuller1
5 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Neolani enslaves the men to build a monument to the approaching women's brigade. Dr. Smith of course, becomes her consort, to exchange little bits of delectable dialogue with her.

In the end, it slightly resembles "Bridge On The River Kwai" with Dr. Smith duped into the archway construction and not wanting to rescue John and Don.

Totally bizarre that an episode with a woman taking over didn't have a confrontation between Neolani and Maureen Robinson, but then that was Lost In Space, wasn't it.

Face it, had June Lockhart delivered a line of 'enslaving men is wrong' the feminist movement would have collapsed. She did actually deliver a minor disapproval to her husband being captured.

Francine York in a very fetching outfit but totally bizarre spiked helmet works the role for what it is worth, and she subjects to defeat very befittingly as well.

She dismisses the Robinson's plea that she observe men as equals and departs. There is no "I will consider what you have shown me here today." It seems like more than one episode of Lost IN Space involved a scout sent ahead to make way for the approaching battle fleet or royal party or something that was drawing near.

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I Keep Having Flashbacks Of The "Climax"

Author: StuOz
27 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Planet X is taken over by women and the men are the slaves!

The teaser makes an outstanding use of Fox sound effects (you hear the same effect at the start of 1968's Planet Of The Apes when Chuck Heston views his dead space traveller) and Irwin fireworks when things go bang, bang at the start of this hour.

When viewed in my 1970s childhood, those early scenes of melting radios and concerned talk from Don West was very chilling, perhaps a little less chilling when seen today.

I have saved the best to last, for decades, I keep having flashbacks of the climax when the colonist spacecraft finally appears but then veers off and goes backwards (the film footage of the craft goes backwards) when it sees that all is not well on Planet X. I guess it is so memorable because it is such a key moment in the story but filmed in such a simple and cheap way. For decades whenever I suddenly have second thoughts about going somewhere, I suddenly remember that moment in The Colonists. Don't ask me why?

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