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Clark is ready to tell Lois that he's Superman when he is interrupted by Jason Mayzik who has obtained a diary written by Tempus which reveals, among other things, that Clark is Superman. Mayzik kidnaps the Kents who are in Metropolis to celebrate their anniversary, and blackmails Clark into stealing $20 million in diamonds from Mayzik's brother's jewelry store. Mayzik is also working with Lex Luthor's former accomplice, Nigel St. John, who has the Kryptonite that he took from Lex, so that he can kill Superman. Clark robs the diamonds but Lois, who had followed him, confronts him. Clark tells Lois that his parents were kidnapped. They find out that Mayzik paid for Nigel's plane ticket. Together they go to see Mayzik. Their conversation is overheard by Nigel who tells Mayzik that he wants Lois dead. Mayzik then tells Clark that he wants him to deliver Lois' body to him or he'll kill the Kents. Lois tells Clark not to worry and to have Superman meet her at her apartment. Lois asks ...

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