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Superman's powers are transferred to a Tennessean as he is about to commit suicide.

Author: writer93-1 from United States
20 January 2007

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While investigating a lead on Lex Luther's whereabouts with Lois in a graveyard, Clark overhears a rather pathetic man from Tennessee talking to his Momma's grave and telling her he is going to kill himself. Superman grabs the gun before he can shoot himself, but the metal attracts lightning and Superman is struck while holding the man's hand. Wanting to get back to Lois, who is in danger of being found by the guard, Superman suggests that he talk to a counselor at the hospital. He flies away, not knowing that his powers have been duplicated in the little man. However, Luther's doctor (played by Denise Crosby) observes the man throwing the now bent handgun and sending it into orbit. She figures out what had happened and makes a plan to transfer powers to herself and then on to Luther.

Superman/Clark doesn't know anything until the next day when Lois almost gets hit by a car and gets saved by the new superhero. Superman (as Clark) is so surprised he gets hit by the car himself, shredding the back of his suit. Not long afterward, Lois gets a bill for services from the newcomer and is outraged. Not as outraged as Superman, though, who immediately goes to find the new guy and explain a few things about right and wrong to him. He won't listen, of course, and soon makes a play for Lois. Superman flies up and sees them talking in Lois' apartment and rescues her from his unwanted advances by showing up as Clark. Lois, though, can't get any answers from him anyway because he says he is negotiating the rights for a book deal.

Lois tries to find out what caused the transfer, since she was able to find out that the new nameless superhero is not from Krypton, but from Tennessee and the powers are new to him. She asks Superman, who says he can't help her. Clark discusses this with his parents, who agree that the story should not get out or Superman will be in danger from people think they deserve powers. He expresses his concern that the Tennesseean with four Ws in his name doesn't understand the responsibility that goes along with the powers.

Meanwhile, the Tennessean get an inspiration for a name from his sister WandaMae (who is in an asylum because she thinks she is Mary Tood Lincoln and calls him Tad) and decides to become "Resplendant Man." Luther's doctor approaches him with an offer to make him rich if he'll share his powers with her. He says no, because he realizes she is not a good person and shouldn't have powers and flies off.

Some investigation leads Lois and Clark to interview Resplendant Man's sister. When they ask her how he got the powers, the "nurse"(who is really Luthor's doctor) tries to lead her away. Lois jumps in, realizes this woman seems to have no "bedside manner" and while they are arguing, Clark uses his laser beam vision under the table, which Mrs. Lincoln sees. Lois asks her question again, and WandaMae says "Superman," seeming to speak directly to Clark and accuse him. Lois doesn't notice because she is shocked to think that Superman lied to her. She comments on this to Clark, who pleads a need to use the bathroom and disappears. She waits in the parking lot, where Superman flies down to meet her. She accuses him of lying. He pleads that he didn't actually lie, but she sees very little difference. He tries to explain and asks her not to print the truth of what happened.

When a television commercial with a "help" line show up on TV, Superman goes to find Respendant Man and they end up in a fistfight in the middle of town. Jimmy takes pictures until they stop for breath and then asks if they are done because he has a deadline and doesn't want to miss anything. Meanwhile, Lois spots the doctor taking Mrs. Lincoln away in a car and follows them, getting herself caught in the process.

The doctor uses WandaMae/Mrs. Lincoln to coerce Resplendant Man into helping her and he begins to see that being a superhero may not be always that great. Superman appears, but too late to stop the doctor from transferring powers from Resplendant Man. She taunts him and he is reluctant to fight her since he doesn't like hitting a woman. She hits him a few times and then Resplendant Man joins the fight. Together they are able to beat her and get her onto the transfer device. However, in the process, Resplendant Man has to hold her, so the powers are removed from her and him. In the end, though, he tell Lois that he doesn't see it as a real loss, since it is a lot harder being a superhero than it seems.

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