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Family Un-Ties...

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
20 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All eyes turned to the sleek, black carriage as it road into town. Inside it was an incredibly well-off Jed Cooper, looking for Charles Ingalls. He pulled him away from a job to re-introduce himself. Old Jed had changed in the year since Charles saw him, around the time James and Cassandra's parents were killed in the accident. Changed not just in looks, but in pocketbook. Because of the different circumstances in his life at the time, Jed had refused to take the children in favor of going on a strike gold, and strike he did. Now, Jed was back, and he was loaded, and I think he's changed his mind about James and Cassandra, I think he wants them now. It was wildly evident in how much he began to spoil them. It all started with him taking the kids on a picnic and then buying them new sets of clothes. Jed even got new sets for the rest of the Ingalls kids so there wouldn't be no favoritism and jealousy afoot, and he even got on Reverend Alden's good side by buying the church a new roof. Was there anything Uncle Jed couldn't do? Well, sir, after visiting with the children for three weeks, Jed found he was hooked and couldn't bare to leave them. But rather than he pulling up stakes and settling in Walnut Grove, he wanted James and Cassandra to go with him. Charles and Caroline said it was out of the question, as the kids were a part of their family now. I mean, after all, they have 7 kids now total (Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Albert, James and Cassandra) and Jed has none. Fair, right? But Jed was determined to get his way and to start, he wanted the Ingalls parents to ask the two children with whom they would like to be with.

James and Cassandra loved Uncle Jed but didn't know him all that well, even though he could buy them all sorts of neat things, their life with the Ingallses was the more satisfying, because of the love that binded them all together. Charles, Caroline, Carrie and Albert had taken them in and loved them like their own. So it was love vs. money. They chose the former. Jed was none too happy with their decision and decided to bring the law into this matter so like a big jerk, he threatened Charles to either turn the children over to him or he could bring in the circuit court judge and his lawyer. Charles said "bring it on." He'll fight for his children no matter what it takes. We've seen him do it before, and he's never lost a case yet. So finally, the date of the hearing arrived. Judge Barrow presiding. He heard James and Cassandra state that they wanted to stay with the Ingallses, and then Jed's high-priced big-city lawyer stood and stated their case. Then the Ingallses stated theirs and it seems the adoption papers for the Cooper children hadn't yet been finalized, and since Jed refused to relent...the judge ruled in his greedy, selfish favor. Well, was the old man pleased to have gotten his way? Maybe, if it weren't for the dad-blamed coughing fits he kept experiencing. He went to see Doc Baker who broke it to him: he was suffering from the fatal Little House Plot Device Disease and he has to move west to help the condition because Minnesota winters would literally be murder. So, after reflecting on what a selfish, greedy bastard he'd been, he went to the Ingalls' and withdrew his case, saying he had some important work to do real far away and couldn't possibly take the children. And so, James and Cassandra were here to stay.

If you like kids, this episode will tug at your heart. James and Cassandra were so cute, and Jason Bateman and Missy Francis were so adorable to watch. Who could resist little Cassandra's baby face? I mean, they've only been on the show a year and already they can act better than both the Greenbush twins. The series never paid much attention to Carrie, and that's why. Also a fantastic performance from E.J. Andre as Uncle Jed. Wonderfully played and fleshed out character, who you like and then start to hate, and then feel sorry for him. That's a sign of good writing and acting. So if you like James and Cassandra episodes, this is one you shouldn't miss. If only they were around longer, but enjoy them while you can.

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Hello and Goodbye!

Author: Michelle Palmer from United States
17 November 2013

Remember Uncle Jed, James and Cassandra's uncle? He was not having much luck striking rich and he couldn't take the kids. Well guess what? His luck changed and he know what's the kids in his life. No only does he want them in his life - he wants them to move away and come live with him.

I didn't really care for Uncle Jed. Any person who will be so disrespectful as to say he'll leave it up to the children, and then take the cruel way at forcing them isn't much good in my opinion! The kids were fine where they were - and they were happy. They definitely got a lot more out of a loving family situation than they would have living with an old man in a big house!

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