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  • Laura and Andy find a Mama in a trap and two pups nearby. They take the "dogs" home, only to find out they are wolves. At the same time, some dogs that used to be pets but were released to the wild have gotten really wild and have been attacking some livestock in town. Charles and Caroline have gone out of town and Mary is left in charge of Laura and Carrie. She is under stress so she is a little too bossy and Laura runs to her tree house as often as possible or hangs out with Andy. They overhear that Jud Larabee (whose livestock was attacked) knows about their wolves and thinking they are responsible is going to come and kill the wolves. So, Laura and Andy move the wolves to Laura's barn. While out there, Carrie and Mary hear the dogs coming and they all go to the barn and end up trapped in the loft because the dogs burrow under the door and get in. The local farmers come to the rescue and kill the dogs and find out that the mama wolf actually saved Andy's life!


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  • While walking together Laura and Andy find baby wolves and set up a home in the barn for them as they think the wolves are puppies. All the while Charles and Caroline are away leaving Mary in charge. Problems arise when other wolves come to the Ingalls Farm to try to get at the baby wolves that are in the barn. The children become trapped in the barn fighting for their lives and they are being attacked by a mob of angry wolves.

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