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The Most Spiritually Uplifting Episode Out Of The Series
Camelot_200012 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
God is always the dominant factor in this long running TV show with many messages about his love, forgiveness and "help". That's clearly shown in this extremely touching episode showcasing anger, jealousy, guilt and later, to a certain degree, sacrifice.

Laura resented the attention her folks gave to the newborn baby boy and when he later dies of illness, she runs away to seek forgiveness for her jealous and angry feelings towards him. She wanted to get as close to the sky as possible to be nearer to God so he'd hear her plea to be taken instead and to return the baby to the family.

This show has had many touching, emotional moments and this one tops the emotional pinnacle. Laura finds a tall rocky hill to be nearer to God and her experiences up there with the 'mysterious' Jonathon are unforgettable indeed. He, with his wise Christian words, helped her change her decision about continuing to run and to accept what "God wanted" which was to return to her family.

This show has tugged at the emotional strings in a lot of ways, but this story about a young girl wanting to give her life to bring back her brother's, hits the mark for superior drama. Nothing in TV history can ever compete with what was depicted here in this particular episode. A major highlight to the 'Little House' phenomenon.
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Closer to God...
ExplorerDS67896 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Previously on Little House, Caroline announced she was with child. Nine months passed in ten minutes, the baby was born, the baby died, Laura felt responsible and now she decides to run away from home to right her wrongs. Reverend Alden had told her the closer she was to God, the better she could be heard, so she climbed the tallest (and only) mountain in Minnesota so she could literally be closer to God, and there, she confessed her mean feelings and not preying for her ailing little brother. In short, she was willing to trade herself for Charles Jr.... somehow, I don't think she gets the point, but that's still very sweet and very generous of her. So while Charles and Edwards search all over creation for the elusive Ingalls daughter, she awakens the next morning in the presence of a kindly old man named Jonathan. Turns out, he was the mountain's owner (built it himself, I guess) and Laura was apparently trespassing. It seems Jonathan was very close to God, talked to Him often. Well, Laura and Jonathan began to bond before much longer. He even made her a cross with her name on it and everything. But unfortunately, when she went down to the creek to scrub behind her ears, she lost the cross and it floated away down stream.

Charles and Edwards continued their search, still coming up empty. At this point it seemed hopeless, but they refused to give up. They would find Laura if they had to turn the countryside upside down. When pausing to fill the canteen, Charles found the cross. With this solid lead, they headed up stream, knowing she'd be there. Up the stream and up the mountain, to be exact. At this point she was frustrated over God not listening to her and granting her request. Jonathan came up with the perfect solution to help God find them: a fire. A big, tall, roaring inferno. Well, God wasn't the only one to see that fire. From way down at ground-level, Edwards and Charles saw the smoke. Stopping at the base, Charles climbed all the way up. Laura didn't want to be found until her prayer was answered, but Jonathan convinced her this was His will. And so, father and daughter were tearfully reunited, and Jonathan mysteriously vanished.

And so ends "The Lord is My Shepherd." To be completely honest, I preferred the first part to the second. I think this episode could have just been in one part. It felt very drawn out, like it went longer than it needed to. It was good though. Ernest Borgnine was fantastic, a great character actor in his day, and even today, he just recently made a cameo appearance in Red with Bruce Willis. Props to young Melissa Gilbert too. So in closing, I say give this episode a try. As I said, the second part felt very drawn out and there was no real story, but it was okay. Check it out.
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Not one of my faves
Michelle Palmer15 February 2013
A lot of people find this two-part episode as their favorite in all of Little House on the Prairie. Though I think the first part is great, I'm just not too thrilled with this second part.

It starts with Laura running away. She gets it in her head that God took away her brother because of her not wanting him to get better. She succeeds at leaving in the middle of the night and making it all the way to a high mountain. She prays to God, asking Him to take her and leave her brother for her Pa. When she wakes up, there's a big man named Jonathan. He stays and takes care of her.

I think the whole running away thing and asking God to take her is a bit ill-contrived. I just cannot believe that something like this would ever really happen. First of all, I don't think a child and conceive something like that, and second of all...well, I just don't believe it. Jonathan is apparently some sort of angel - and I have a bit of trouble with that as well. Like I said, it's just not one for me...

Then after being gone for three days, she sees her father and doesn't want to run to her father. She runs away from him instead...

The revealing scene is pretty sweet, as is the scene where father and daughter reunite.
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