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"Doc Baker prepared to leave town forever--until he is confronted by the entire township who let him know just how much he means to them."

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
21 March 2006

Doc Baker is called upon to deliver the second child of Laura and Almanzo Wilder. It's a healthy, bouncing baby boy. Naturally, Almanzo and Laura are overjoyed to finally have a son. As far as names go, they are undecided. Doc Baker continues to be an attentive doctor to the baby, who seemed perfectly healthy. But, one fateful morning, when going to wake up their new son, Laura and Almanzo discover he died during the night. Well, the happy couple turned devastated and, at the funeral the next day, when Doc Baker arrived, Laura told him to get lost. She placed blame of her baby's death entirely on the doctor, without much reasoning. And so, at the behest of Reverend Alden, Doc Baker left. The doctor soon found himself snubbed by some of the townspeople, including Mrs. Oleson. But fortunately, Nels and Isaiah were still on his side.

The doctor hadn't a patient in weeks. Except for an old man and his mule. It appeared the only thing to do would be to leave Walnut Grove, after 20 years of residency. But the worst was yet to come-- baby Rose developed a bad fever, so Almanzo sent for Doc Baker, despite Laura's protests. Doc Baker diagnosed Rose with the beginnings of small pox, which is unfortunate considering there was no known cure. It would appear she contracted the disease when the family was away at Redwood Falls three weeks prior. There had been reports of an outbreak. The Wilder house was put under quarantine, the doctor set himself up in the barn, and proceeded to race against time, giving his all in treating Rose to help her overcome this fever that might kill her. For days and days on end, Doc Baker worked. Treating. Administering. And then, sure enough, the fever broke. Now all they had to worry about were the blisters, which healed soon enough and Rose was good as new. The next day, Doc Baker left and prepared to leave town forever--until he is confronted by the entire township who let him know just how much he means to them, and Laura formally apologized, stating she was so upset over the baby's sudden death and misunderstanding the situation, she had to blame somebody. So now, all was well. Doc Baker was persuaded to stay. That's when Isaiah invited everybody to come inside the restaurant and help themselves, as it would be on Mrs. Oleson.

This was a good Little House on the Prairie episode. Well acted, all the great drama the series is known for. I recently became an avid watcher. This episode is from the show's ninth and final season where Charles and Caroline have moved to the city, and now the Carters occupy the little Ingalls house on the prairie. Now about this episode, this features the third baby boy to die on this show. The first being Charles Jr. in the first season. Then little Charles Adam Kendall died in the school for the blind fire, and now, baby no-name Wilder dies of unknown causes. Laura was incredibly unfair for blaming it all on Doc Baker, who did nothing wrong. I know Laura didn't understand the whole situation and the small pox disease, but that's still no reason to act like a total snob. Ever since Laura moved out of her house, married Almanzo and became a schoolteacher, she has been incredibly snobby. I liked her better when she was a little girl. She was unfair, unkind, and selfish. Laura is no better than Harriet Oleson here.

Anyway, to all Little House fans, this is a good episode and next time it's on, I think you should catch it. Directed by Victor French, who plays Isaiah Edwards. Isaiah is a character you could often count on for comic relief, such as when he calls Mrs. Oleson ugly. Ha ha. This episode will give everyone a deeper appreciation for Doc Baker, and a little resentment towards Laura. Check it out!

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Almanzo Got His Groove Back!

Author: Michelle Palmer from United States
30 November 2013

This is a sad episode about the birth and death of the Wilder baby. When their baby was born, Laura was afraid he would get sick like her biological brother that died. She made Almanzo take her to the doctor three days in the first week. But no doctor can predict when a baby will die for SIDs. Still today, people don't understand why this happens. From experience, I know that this is ever mother's worst nightmare and cause for many sleepless nights during the first couple of months! I cannot even mention how many times I went to make sure my baby was still breathing!

But Laura and Almanzo never expected this to happen to their baby. Laura was bitter and very angry at Dr. Baker. She had to blame someone - and he was the most logical person to blame. Mrs. Olseson - being Mrs. Oleson - made sure to spread the news around that the baby's death was indeed the doctor's fault. It effected his practice so much that Dr. Baker knew he was going to have to leave!

Then tragedy again strikes the Wilder house. Rose is sick with fever and Almanzo goes for Dr. Baker. Laura told him she wouldn't allow it, but Almanzo overrode her choice.

This is where I say this: I am SO HAPPY to see that the old Almanzo is back! The think I like so much about Almanzo is his Witt and his red temper. It was so nice to see Almanzo get his voice, his temper, and his fight back. He's been so quiet throughout almost this entire season! When it really mattered, he told Laura that he was doing it and she didn't have a choice!

Of course, we know from history that Rose survives the small pox. The scenes are so emotional, especially since they had already lost one child. Jenny acts more like a big sister and a cousin, which shows just how special she is to Laura and Almanzo.

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What's TV Laura Ingalls Wilder's Problem with Nicknames? The Real-Life Laura had No Problem with Them!

Author: dhainline1 from United States
6 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Laura (Melissa Gilbert) and Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler) are excited about the prospect of having a little brother or sister for toddler daughter, Rose to play with. Laura has an uneventful pregnancy and delivers a baby boy Dr. Baker (Kevin Hagen) declares is healthy. Laura is kind of paranoid because of the fact her baby brother died when she was a girl. Baby boys seem to have a problem with longevity baby girls in the Ingalls family didn't have. These male infants die before their first birthday. Laura is scared her baby will wind up sick like his uncle and will die. Dr. Baker reassures her that the baby is healthy and they take him home.

Another pressing problems presents itself though! Neither Laura, nor Almanzo nor niece Jenny (Shannen Doherty) can agree on the name for the baby. Laura takes perfectly fine names like Nathan and Theodore and points out the nicknames of Nate and Teddy for them. She says no one ever called her father Charlie or Albert Al or James Jimmy. Two problems with this: Laura's younger sister Carrie's real name was Caroline Celestia. Caroline is their mother's name and Carrie is a common enough nickname for Caroline. Plus, in real-life the only son born to the Ingalls family was named Charles Frederick Ingalls and his big sisters called him Freddie. On the show, the sisters called him Charles. Real-life Laura had no problem with nicknames!

I think the reason real-life Laura's son had no name was that she and Almanzo were stressed out by his illness and a name was the last thing on their minds! The baby died 12 days after birth.

On this episode, the seemingly healthy baby is called Baby Wilder and before his clueless parents can think of a name that won't be turned into a nickname, dies of crib death. Laura is inconsolable and blames Dr. Baker for her son's death. He has to redeem himself to Laura or he will leave Walnut Grove forever. The redemption comes when Rose spikes a fever and gets very sick. Dr. Baker treats her and she recovers.

My problem with this episode comes down to the adopted sons who never existed! Laura did have a baby brother who died at 9 months old because back in the 1800s doctors didn't have the advancements common in the 21st century to treat sick infants. The Ingalls family grieved for their dead infant but they didn't adopt 2 boys named Albert and James so Pa could have the males he desired! Had Baby Wilder lived, I think Laura would have picked out the name and to the devil with nicknames!

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