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Plot Summary

  • Wally and Beaver send for a supply of "Flower of the Orient" perfume to sell door-to-door, planning make enough money to buy a movie projector. But selling the perfume turns out to be harder than they think, especially when everyone agrees that it smells like an old catcher's mitt!

    - Written by shepherd1138
  • Although Ward and June know that Wally and Beaver are sending away for something, they don't know what that something is, and they as trusting parents are not going to ask. What Wally and Beaver do send away for is a twenty-four bottle supply of Flower of the Orient perfume, which they are supposed to sell for $1 a bottle, their prize for doing so being a movie projector. As Wally and Beaver go door-to-door trying to sell the perfume, they hit a roadblock as perfume is a misnomer for the product, which Beaver describes as smelling like an old baseball glove. As such, Wally and Beaver put the perfume away hoping their problem will just go away. When Ward and June learn of the perfume via a letter from the company lawyer suing the boys for not returning the money or the perfume, Ward initially plans to help the boys by just sending the perfume back. But he changes his mind, believing the boys should take more initiative to sell the perfume, with which he inadvertently states that he will help them. But when he and June "smell" that the problem may not be the boys but the perfume, Ward decides to take a slightly different tact, all done in the name of love for his sons.

    - Written by Huggo


Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow) and Beaver Cleaver (Jerry Mathers) receive a box in the mail. They take the box upstairs...

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