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Wally is graduating high school, and there is a chaperoned all night party being held for the seniors. Wally asks Kathy Gregory to go with him, but Kathy's father won't hear of it. He hasn't met Wally, but he is sure he is one of those troublesome irresponsible teenage boys. Kathy convinces Wally to come to the house and meet her father so he will see that Wally is really a nice, wholesome boy.

After spending time with Wally, Mr. Gregory takes a liking to him and changes his mind about letting Kathy go to the dance party. Wally, Eddie, and Clarence (Lumpy) and their dates dance all night. All goes well at the party until it is over and it's time to leave when a drunken man, possibly a kids parent, is stumbling around and bumps into Kathy, accidently pushing her into a fountain. Kathy is completely soaked. Wally takes Kathy home, where her father is waiting for her to return. As Wally tries to explain what happened, all Mr. Gregory hears is "drunk" and "pushed Kathy" and assumes that there was drinking at the party and that Wally has been irresponsible; he sends Kathy upstairs and throws Wally out of his house.

Later, Eddie and Clarence (Lumpy) come over to Wally's house, where Wally is explaining what happened to his parents. They tell Wally that Kathy has been grounded for a month because of what happened. Wally immediately goes over to the Gregory's house to try again to explain the events. As Wally talks, Mr. Gregory begins to believe Wally, and even understand that Kathy was afraid of him, realizing he may be an overprotective father. Wally leaves with the misunderstanding resolved.

In the final scene, Wally is hanging his high school diploma up in his room, and telling Beaver what high school will be like for him, and how it will be different than grammer school was.


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