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Plot Summary

  • Wally gets his parents permission to attend his all-night high school graduation party but finds that, if he wants to take his new girlfriend with him, he must make a good impression on her father who thinks all teenage boys are reckless and irresponsible.

    - Written by shepherd1138
  • For graduation, Wally's class decides to hold an all night party. Initially, Ward and June don't know what to think about it. Although they don't approve of the concept of an all night party, it seems to be well organized in that it will be held at the country club, and parents will act as chaperons. After speaking to some of the other parents and to the chaperons, Ward and June and most of the other parents eventually allow their respective graduates to attend the party on the stipulation that there be no alcohol, and that any parent be notified if any person leaves the party before its morning end time. The one set of parents that do not agree are those of Wally's date, Kathy Gregory, a girl new to the school. Their concerns are that Kathy is new to the school and that whoever this Wally is, who they have not met, might take advantage. In addition, Mr. Gregory is by nature a gruff, overprotective man who doesn't seem to trust his daughter despite having no reason not to. Upon meeting Wally, they are won over, and decide to let Wally take Kathy to the party. But an incident at the party, one that was outside of both Wally and Kathy's control, may end up making Mr. Gregory ever letting Wally and Kathy go to the party together.

    - Written by Huggo


Wally is graduating high school, and there is a chaperoned all night party being held for the seniors...

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