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Gilbert has to go to Principal Rayburn's office so Beaver goes with him. Mrs. Rayburn isn't there, but the boys notice the stack of diplomas on her desk. While looking through the diplomas of the upcoming grammer school graduation, Beaver notices his diploma isn't there. Resigned to the fact that he won't be graduating, Beaver goes home and confides in Wally. Wally tells Beaver it must be because of all the goofing off he's been doing, and the best thing he can do is to study hard the last few days of school and maybe Mrs. Rayburn will change her mind.

While studying, Eddie Haskell comes over to visit Wally, and learns of Beaver's predicament. He tells Beaver he should tell his mother, and that then maybe his father will go easier on him. Beaver decides to take Eddie's advice and goes downstairs.

While asking his mother some probing questions, Mrs. Cleaver asks Beaver directly if he isn't going to be graduating; when Beaver answers 'yes', she immediately calls for his father before Beaver can tell her any more of the sequence of events. Beaver then tells both his parents about finding the diplomas, and more specifically, not finding his, and his father tells Beaver that he will need to go talk to Mrs. Rayburn the next day, and that he wants to talk to Mrs. Rayburn as well.

Beaver waits all day, but is finally forced to face Mrs. Rayburn. He explains to her about coming to her office, and finding the diplomas, except for his. Mrs. Rayburn laughs, telling Beaver that his diploma was pulled out of from the others because he is going to be on stage with 12 other students, and he will be given his diploma separately.

Beaver graduates grammer school after all.
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