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A child is brought to the hospital by a worried father, the ER try to revive him and find out he had stopped breathing 30 minutes ago. The child is pronounced DOA and the father is visibly upset. Olivia is called to the hospital and she sees the child has a ring mark embedded on his chest. It looks like the child was squeezed to death. The ring mark leads to the preacher at a local church. He uses unusual methods to heal his parishioners and is initially found guilty for killing the child. After the M.E. examines the body, she finds that the child was already dead when the preacher tried to heal him. The father and his wife are foster parents to Jamie, an unruly, epileptic child that was taken away from his birth mother. The father stays at home and watches the foster kids so he is brought in for questioning. He denies he killed Jamie but is found guilty. Then, the ACS's case worker comes forward and she seems culpable also since the foster father reached out to her several times for help but she did not return his calls. Are they both guilty of murder or is it someone else?
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