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Character error 

As the bodies of Big Georgie and Judy Cordova are being discovered, Barek asks, 'What is that under Big Georgie's shoulder?' Logan reveals long, straight, dark red hair from under a scarf, showing that it's Judy. However, when Big Georgie and Judy are being autopsied, Cordova's hair is lighter red and very curly, corresponding with actress Kathryn Albarelli's natural hair.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Plot holes 

When Logan goes to Virgini's home towards the end of the episode, Virgini says he assumes Logan is wearing a wire yet not 2 minutes later he starts blabbering about his daughter, offering her to Logan for sex. Then at the when Virgini is talking to his daughter in the holding cell he's again surprised when he learns that she was wearing a wire. A cop with 22 years on the force should have assumed they would be wearing recording devices.
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