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Law & Order:Criminal Intent-The Faithful

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
11 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Howard(Michael Marisi Ornstein), an alcoholic, mentally handicapped bum with TB, is considered the prime suspect of the murder of a Catholic Church money collector, Abernathy(Stephen Henderson), and the bloody bag which contains the meager charitable money given by parishioners was in his possession. In actuality a repulsive junkie named Kevin(Alex Feldman) is the one responsible, having confronted the money collector after a mysterious benefactor made his bail when he was arrested for drug possession. St. Justin's Church is noteworthy for their contributions to the homeless and the fact that the crime was committed there means that Eames and Goren should get the investigation over and done with the sooner the better. Kevin is a "speed freak" and we see right from the beginning that he'll do anything, no matter how violent, to get more money so he can continue to purchase meth to supply his habit. Abernathy kept the records of the collections at mass and Goren and Eames need to find out his link to Kevin. When Kevin winds up dead, the case takes on a whole new dimension, one that concerns the embezzlement of St Justin's church funds by one internally able to get his hands on the money taken in by the Mass collection plate. Goren discovers that Kevin was actually given the last rites moments after his murder which is certain to cause quite an uproar. Father McShale(Michael O'Keefe), praised by the homeless as a hero, admits to something really eye-opening as it pertains to Kevin, and the detectives and ADA Carver have their hands full with a potential hung jury in trying the case of Donovon's murder. One lie and one major truth emerge regarding McShale's relationship to Kevin and it's a doozy. Goren appeals to McShale to "do the right thing" to protect someone who would've been extorted by Kevin, going behind Carver's back which concludes this powerful episode in heartbreaking fashion. A word of warning from Carver to Goren leaves a lump in the not keep secrets when it relates to solving a case and winning a trial just so that a third party can be protected against slander. The old "sins of the father" plays a major part in this powerful episode showing how Goren will go to great lengths for something he believes in. Kevin is quite a monster, a terror to everyone around him and inevitable victim due to his persistent desire to get his hands on cash to keep him silent over a situation he exploits until he is "put down."

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A wonderful 1st-season episode of L&I/CI sets a tone for many more to come

Author: Muskox53 from Buffalo, NY
7 April 2017

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Excellent episode, with several nice plot twists, ending up in a very different place from any that we might have suspected as things were getting started. Good police work by Goren and Eames, but the real kudos go to O"Keefe as a priest who is willing to make real sacrifices for those he loves—sacrifices that include serious violations of several commandments. Both Goren and he are put in a position where they have to break rules for the good of others; both do so without trying to weasel out of their guilt. Great writing, fine acting, excellent direction. This fourth episode really gets things going for the series!

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Good works

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
1 May 2016

Back in my working days at Crime Victims Board I handled a claim for the murder of a church sexton at none other than St. Patrick's Cathedral. There was no investigation there except to delve into the perpetrator's psyche to find out why he clubbed a sexton to death when he tried to throw out the mentally disturbed perpetrator in front of a lot of witnesses.

This CI episode also involved the murder of Stephen Henderson a church sexton at a much smaller Catholic Church which is known for doing good works with the homeless population.

The focus is at first on Alex Feldman who is a kid from the foster care system who has a violent temper and a nasty drug habit. We know he's capable of it when we see him and running buddy Renoly Santiago beat up a hotdog vendor for some cash to score.

Then later Feldman is murdered and Goren and Eames have to shift their attention.

All I'll say here is that both priest Michael O'Keefe and Vincent D'Onofrio prove themselves mensches.

Feldman really steals the show in this story.

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This ep. should be called: 'Goren gets it'

Author: moviefreak907 from United States
12 August 2007

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Okay, here's the deal. Throughout this episode Goren is acting like a spoiled child or a hard-headed rebellious teenager. Doing whatever he likes, Breaking rules, disrespecting authority. A good example of this is the hilarious scene where Deakins is talking to the priest. Much like the common scene where a mother waits till the guest is gone to punish her child, Deakins is trying to keep calm and intercept all of Goren's rude and untactful comments while at the same time giving him "shut your mouth" glares, which soon turn to "You're dead when they leave" ones. But the straw that broke the camel's back was when Goren hid an important witness from A.D.A. Carver. Carver found out near the end of the episode and the last lines where his: "Detective... if you *ever* try to run one by me like that again, I'll have your badge." This softly, yet clearly, spoken threat, was about as severe a tongue-lashing as one could get. As he said them, Goren looked at him for a moment, then quickly looked down. What could he say? He was busted, cold hard. And that my friends, is the story of how Goren got it.

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