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Goren Meets His Match In 'Nicole Wallace'
ccthemovieman-115 December 2006
Someone has killed the man who was going to appoint a new head to the American Studies program at Hudson University. One long-professor, who fancies himself a kind of old Black Panther Party-type guy who wants the promotion is one suspect. A grungy loser graduate student, working 10 years on his dissertation and also benefits if that professor gets the promotion, is another suspect. His girlfriend, a visiting professor from Oxford, is a looker but not much in character, either, nor is the woman who got the promotion. I'm surprised a Liberal-slanted program like this showed all these academia to be so corrupt.

The visiting "professor" turns out to be from Australia, is a serial killer who spent prison time in Thailand and....well...... this woman, "Nicole Wallace," aka "Elizabeth Hitchens, "is so diabolical that, in the end, we find out we haven't seen the last of her.

This was an outstanding episode, one of the best I've ever seen. I look forward to seeing Goren match wits with this woman again.
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Enter Nicole Wallace
bkoganbing12 December 2016
As Professor Moriaty is to Sherlock Holmes, as the Master is Doctor Who, as the Joker is to Batman, so is Nicole Wallace is to Detective Robert Goren on Criminal Intent. No matter how hard he and Kathryn Erbe work to put Olivia D'Abo away she always slips through Vincent D'Onofrio's fingers.

Olivia D'Abo made her debut on Criminal Intent as the amoral Nicole Wallace from Australia. When we meet her she's the lesbian lover of Professor Linda Emond who is one of many candidates for head of the English Department at the mythical Hudson University. Two people die as a result of her ambitions for her partner who she's just using herself. Besides being amoral Wallace is most comfortable bedding either men or women.

The first of many frustrating episodes for Detective Robert Goren.
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Approaching "Cracker" standard
wordcraft2 March 2007
That's the Robbie Coltrane "Cracker", mind you, and not the awful American remake.

The series has tried to get there, but until now the criminals have been, well, a little second-rate, and Goren has bullied and besserwissered his way all too easily. This episode was a refreshing change, with some chinks in his armour showing up.

On the whole it was also excellently and intelligently scripted, although you could see that Moynihan crack about "academic fights being so vicious because the stakes are so small" coming a mile away. It is unlikely that the speaker would have needed to remind the person she was talking to about something QUITE so obvious...

Otherwise, congratulations all round! The concept of a 1,000-page dissertation on Dylan as T.S. Eliot's and Ezra Pound's love-child hardly bears thinking about - but it's probably been written.
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Liberal slant?
taylor-b-barry14 January 2010
"...surprised a Liberal-slanted program like this showed all these academia to be so corrupt."???? One long-professor, who fancies himself a kind of old Black Panther Party-type guy: Professor Roland Sanders ?=? Cornel West They named this character based on real life person: Roland/Cornel(Colonel) West/Sanders The Prof. Winthrop character keeps complaining about Prof. Sanders making a rap album.

Cornel West released one ("Sketches of My Culture" with selections consisting of such things as Surprise "Spoken" "Word" backed by "tracks") of a number of CDs, which from the perspective of an outsider looking in towards what "Rap CDs" consist of, one of these releases might be misconstrued as an attempt of cashing in one's academic credibility in order to release a "Rap" "CD"... considering people in this country cash in what little credibility anyone can ever truly have in order to have their name on a published "tell all" book or interview.

Thank goddog, all this Old Media will eventually be replaced by the internet and digital releases (&NEW MEDIA Blogs/Social Networks) which will surely become even a stronger bastion of credibility and verifiable facts as well as other information of the same ilk! More to the Point about the Racial Politics, as if anyone is still listening after those two words are uttered in any discussion of Mass Media. of this Episode in regards to the Power of Naming. Effectively the "artists" who created this episode are making a subliminal/inside joke comparing a University Professor at Princeton University to the guy who started KFC... bigoted?, racist? Ricky Gervais once was quoted on SNL: "It's funny... because it's racist." From the Show, and I quote: This is what passes for scholarship in this country? So you don't think popular culture's fair game? Well, Mark's is the worst kind of pop literary analysis. Pathetic attempt to synthesize high and low culture.

Wouldn't butter your parsnips." The Old World continues to laugh at the New World, and the spoils go to the Austrailian (except for the Aboriginines)
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