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She's Baaaack!

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
4 January 2007

Goren's most diabolical foe - "Nicole Wallace" (Olivia d'Abo) returns for the season finale. She was last seen in episode three ("Anti-Thesis").

The first part of this episode involves a guy who looks as guilty as anything for a crime and Goren goes after full bore. The man, who has an explosive attitude and perfectly fits the profile of who Goren is after, claims he is being harassed by the detective. He is then found hanging in his residence, an apparent suicide victim. The press makes Goren out to be a lousy detective and a viscous one, responsible for this poor innocent man's death. Even Eames wonders if her partner went too far.

Not to worry. The super-arrogant Wallace shows up at "Bobby's" favorite restaurant and taunts him. Our hero soon figures out she's behind all of this, knowing just what buttons to push.

"She got me," Goren admits. "She got me good."

"Well," answers Eames, "let's get her back."

This was a very good season-ending episode and an involving story, although a bit complicated here and there and not easy to completely follow.

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A finger in Goren's eye

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
29 March 2017

As the Master was to Doctor Who in the old series, so Olivia D'Abo as stone cold killer Nicole Wallace is to Bobby Goren in Criminal Intent. This woman never misses a beat so when she kills again she not only gets herself a rich fiancé to fight off criminal charges, but she provides Vincent D'Onofrio with a great suspect in an anthrax related death.

In all the understandable fear resulting from the 9/11 attacks somehow lost to history was that within a month of 9/11 the anthrax scare occurred. There was also a suspect, a Dr. Stephen Hatfill's name was who the press got a hold of. Then just as swiftly the government cleared him. It maybe the most mysterious story of the new millennia.

James McCaffrey plays the Hatfill character who comes to a sad end, but the whole incident embarrasses the NYPD in general and Robert Goren in particular. All this so D'Abo can stick a finger in Goren's eye. Her character Nicole Wallace does kind of think that way.

I wish they had kept D'Abo around for a few more episodes of CI. She was the best.

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Beware the Brilliant Borderline

Author: rajah524-3 from United States
10 May 2008

The vampires can see the other vampires. They can also see the vampires who gave up their teeth for hammers and silver spikes. They will go for the jugular. They -have- to go for it. They are psychotically paranoid.

Years of overwhelming, innocence-robbing, violent incest made them that way. They see their vampire characters as a proper and acceptable means of surviving a world full of unfair persecution. So they must persecute first.

There is only one possible combination of emotions: obsessive hatred of anyone who shows them romantic attention, and sadistic delight in shredding that person (if they can).

"Don't think for one second that this is the end of us, Bobby."

The borderline can say this with complete certainty because she has learned (and rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed) her "others" for so long to protect herself from the terror she experienced that she truly and totally believes she is not who she is.

Fortunately, most are not so sinister as Nicole here, but just to be safe, it's rarely a great idea to let them know you can see them unless you really -are- a police detective.

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