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  • Detectives Max Greevy and Mike Logan investigate the death of teenager Suzanne Morton in a hospital emergency room after her father files a complaint saying she was murdered there. She had gone to the hospital to have her prescription for antibiotics refilled and was dead a few hours later. All of the doctor's in the case are tight-lipped about what happened but when the detectives find that part of the girl's chart was erased with white-out, they come to believe that someone is covering up. Their investigation leads them to the hospital's Chief of Medicine, Dr. Edward Auster, an eminent cardiologist who had been drinking heavily at a reception just before going into the ER. The challenge for Executive ADA Stone is to mount a case against someone with his sterling reputation and prove that he has a problem with alcohol.

  • Greevey and Logan discover that a hospital is covering up an emergency room physician's mistake which results in a patient's death. They later find out that the doctor may have also been drunk at the time.


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  • This is the first regular episode* of the first season, which introduces the viewer to the Homicide Squad of New Yorks 27th Police Precinct; the District Attorney, the Executive Assistant District Attorney, and some of the Assistant District Attornies of New Yorks New York County; and the cases that they investigate and prosecute.

    In this episode, the characters introduced include District Attorney Adam Schiff, Executive Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Stone, Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette, Detective Lieutenant Donald Cragen, Detective Sergeant Max Greevey, and Detective Mike Logan.

    Greevey and Logan discover that a hospital is covering up an emergency room physician's (Dr. Edward Auster, played by Guest Actor Paul Sparer.) mistake which results in a patient's death, who's Father is played by the Guest Actor John Spencer. They later find out that Doctor Auster had been been drunk at the time, and appeared at his Court hearing drunk to the point where he failed a simple police Driving While Impaired test.

    The Defense Attorney, Phillip Nevins, is played by the Guest Actor Ron Rifkin. Trial Judge Benjamin Harcourt is played by Guest Actor Leslie Goldman.

    *Episode 6 of this season is the actual Pilot Episode.

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