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Gina Grant ripped from the headlines
J Austin3 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I doubt anyone remembers this, but back in 1995 this was one of L&O's "ripped from the headlines" cases. Harvard had rescinded the admission of an orphan who hadn't become that by accident. Of course the original college girl wasn't a paranoid serial killer like in this episode, but Harvard didn't take their chances. Search for "Gina Grant college admissions".

There's actually a lot going on in this episode. Briscoe and Curtis are still figuring out how they'll work together. (Actually it seems like Curtis hasn't finished "Police Work for Dummies" yet.) McCoy's apparent old flame Shelly Kates attempts to cause problems for him with Kincaid. And also we have some apparently unethical lawyering, because Jack has to be involved with that at least four or five times a season.
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A bit too generic...
knucklebreather5 June 2011
In "Paranoia" we learn that a likable coed has been violently knifed to death in her crowded room with, miraculously, no one noticing. Suspicious quickly falls on a nerdy classmate who wrote violent internet sex stories, possibly inspired by his infatuation with the victim. The detectives even talk to his literature professor, a vapid left-wing parody who thinks internet pornography is great.

This episode also sees the curious resumption of Curtis-the-rookie drama as he fumbles parts of the investigation and has conflicts with Lennie, after a few episodes of being an ideal, seasoned partner.

Eventually, surprise, the initial suspect is ruled out and maybe one of her roommates did it (we're now 6-for-6 in Caucasian bad guys/girls for the season, for those keeping score). The only redeeming element of this episode is the interesting mental illness aspect of the legal plot. Is she crazy? How do you properly prosecute someone who might be nuts? It's an alright story, but the episode as a whole falls a bit flat.
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Still getting used to each other
bkoganbing20 January 2013
When Benjamin Bratt joined the Law And Order cast for a few episodes in the beginning of his tenure he and Jerry Orbach took a bit of getting used to each other. Bratt was from the Organized Crime task force and a real boy scout. And Orbach had a far more laid back attitude toward life. But as things progressed they eventually clicked as a team. Especially since Bratt had computer smarts and could help a lot that way.

The two are investigating the homicide of a coed and originally go up a blind alley in pursuit of one suspect. Eventually they find the right one.

That perpetrator was represented by Sandy Duncan who I wish had made more appearances as a defense attorney. She was smart and gave Sam Waterston a real run for the money here.

Don't want to say more, but the issue here is the mental health of the perpetrator. Check this one out for Sandy Duncan and for Orbach and Bratt getting to know each other.
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