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It's Always A Hanging Day In Her Court
bkoganbing12 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This particular episode of Law And Order gave an interesting message out there about 'law and order' judges who really don't think about suitable punishments. Roxanne Hart plays the judge whom everyone knows as Judge Dread because every day is a hanging day in her court.

The woman is undoubtedly sincere, but she's also lazy, I guess it's easier to just reflexively give out maximum sentences without actually thinking about the consequences. That's what Roxanne does and what it gets her is an assassination attempt where the hit-man is slain by her bodyguard.

It's all in the why here as after awhile going through some more obvious suspects Jerry Orbach and Jesse Martin settle on some poor accountant who made a killing with insider information. As a first offense this guy who was beautifully played by David Wohl who is the personification of a nebbish would have gotten at most time in some country club, maybe even witness protection if he had other information on bigger fish. But when Hart hear that Wohl's wife made a fast trip to the Caymen Islands, she goes ballistic and sends him to Riker's Island.

In Riker's Island, not being a man used to the criminal justice system, the poor slob gets played a few mind games which result in the crime. Sam Waterston with defense attorney Tovah Feldshuh do try and work out an equitable solution which I believe they do.

What's best about this episode is the final confrontation scene with Dianne Weist and Roxanne Hart. Weist was only on for a short while as the appointed District Attorney after Steven Hill left the series. But I believe this episode was her finest hour. When Hart hears that the 'mastermind' behind her attempted murder was cut a deal she goes ballistic. Weist calmly and professionally puts her down saying that when Hart just starts handing out maximums she makes it tough on everyone else and she bears some responsibility here as well. Not a message she wants to hear, but a message well aimed at so called 'tough' judges.
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Does the man make Rikers or does Rikers make the man?
paolo ceccacci9 November 2017
A professional killer was waiting for a judge to get out of her limo. Shortly after he took the gun hidden in a daily newspaper and start firing at her. Luckily, he missed her and her bodyguard killed the shooter during the gunfight. The judge is well-known for passing harsh judgment over the defendants. The gun belong to a bartender and the killer was his nephew who stole it some years back. Detectives looked up all the inmates recently sentenced by the judge, included a black man who lately sent a menace letter to her. The killer just a week before the attempted murder visited an accountant at Rikers whose daughter bank account had been drained for 100 grand the same day. The accountant (a meek kind of man) had set up three different scam that had led to a big tax evasion; in the time spent at prison, he made the acquaintance of an arsonist he shouldn't have trusted....

District attorneys in this episode make a mistake in taking a plea with the wrong guy who staged everything. Anyway the judge character (played by Roxanne Hart) really looks like Stallone in Judge Dreed
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