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[Fontana and Green are questioning the bartender in an obviously mobbed up "social club"]

Detective Ed Green: If you don't talk, I'm sure Granados will.

Bartender: I thought you don't know where he is.

Detective Ed Green: Oh, we're gonna find him. Doctors say in his condition he ain't gonna get that far.

Detective Joe Fontana: [leans in close and whispers] You know what I've got here, tovarisch? Huh? In about ten seconds, I'm gonna start smilin' like a village idiot and peelin' off hundred dollar bills onto your shiny brass bar.

Bartender: What are you talkin' about?

Detective Joe Fontana: And then my partner here is gonna start droppin' "thank yous" and "tell us more" like there's no tomorrow.

Detective Ed Green: Which means, if your friends back there aren't deaf, dumb, and blind, you're gonna have a little trouble.

Bartender: Don't.... I don't know why he was here. I put him on books as favor.

Detective Ed Green: A favor to who? Andropov?

[the bartender is very reluctant to answer]

Detective Ed Green: Where's Granados?

Detective Joe Fontana: Here comes the first C-note. Is there anything you'd like us to tell your widow?

Bartender: I'll tell you what I know. There is this doctor...

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