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aftershock great episode

Author: lost_321 from United States
7 April 2008

Okay, so I'm a Law an Order fan, So what. I actually like it and no I'm not over the age of 40 and not a cop nor a legal student or whatever. Im actually just a young guy (early 20's)who likes a strong crime fiction story line with some good acting squeezed into one hour. So anyway, Im commenting on this particular episode because...well because its good. I have seen many law and order episodes and from the earlier seasons with George Dzunda to the newer variations (if your reading this then you know what I'm talking about), and none have impacted me like this one episode and I've only seen it twice. Its starts with an inmate execution that leaves Det. Briscoe, Det. Curtis, Mckoy and Kincaid all reacting differently about what just happened. The episode provides a deep background of their motives for who they are and why they work so hard. You see the color the characters unlike in any other episode they almost look lost as oppose to the strong direction and moral understanding of what there lives are about, in most episodes. Not in this one however, you see each of them question themselves and put into compromising situations that let you judge what kind of characters they are. Keep an eye on D.A. Jack McCoy,played by Sam waterson in this episode never have i seen him, or any other main character, so vulnerable.

Anyway, I try to look out for this episode whenever its on. If ever the opportunity arises to see this episode I recommend you watch it. How will you know whitch one it is? you ask. well, you will know it when you see it. Trust me.

PS. if you a Jill Henessy fan i highly recommend this one.

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very touching episode

Author: mse42 from United States
29 July 2008

have only seen this episode twice, but always miss the first 5 minutes. the show is written well enough, that even though missed that time, its made up during the show. this is my favorite TV show, but my opinion is still unbiased. (stopped watching during dennis farina days). if you are an avid watcher, you know they give some insight to the private lives of the characters. this episode really gave human qualities to each character. i see someone put a spoiler here, but each time i saw it, i was truly shocked. you don't see the ending coming. almost cried each time. won't give details of the show, but it it well worth watching. you won't be disappointed. if anyone knows when will be shown again, please post.

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Best Episode of the entire 20 years

Author: cathie454 from Albuquerque, NM USA
22 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Someone asked when this episode will be shown again...all the episodes are on Netflix; I've been watching them all again, in order. Amazing that every week, for so long, they came up with interesting, intriguing situations and had one of the best dramatic casts ever. They used the death penalty in this episode to add background information on four of the main characters; without preaching, they made the audience think about the issue by showing how and why each of the characters reacts the way he or she does. I have to admit that Lennie falling off the wagon was upsetting, and then the surprise, tragic ending tears me up every time I see this episode. Law & Order is one of those television shows that will retain it's quality forever.

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Moral Dilemmas.

Author: Robert J. Maxwell ( from Deming, New Mexico, USA
17 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An attempt to try something different in the series. There is no crime to be unraveled, no criminal to be prosecuted. The principals witness an execution and are, in their different ways, disturbed enough to go through some changes. McCoy, for instance, gets drunk in what is supposed to be McSorley's Old Ale House (but isn't) and spills the beans about his life under a domineering father who died of cancer. It's the sort of tale one drunk might tell another, without ever mentioning any of it to his colleagues.

More acting commitment is required than is usual. Not only McCoy drunk, but Ray unfaithful, Lenny demolished by his daughter, and Kinkaid thrown into a philosophical conundrum.

It's a character study, and an episodic one, rather than a crime story. I think I prefer the crime stories, repetitious though they may have been. There's something satisfying in the formula, the Big Reveals accompanied by that CLANG on the sound track. Further, the morality isn't really gone into. We simply see people reacting to what we take to be their having been frazzled. Mostly, they talk around the issue of capital punishment without really dealing with it. They chat instead about dart game, horses, and Chinese food.

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Getting away from reality

Author: tim-wilde-1 from United States
7 May 2008

As an indictment, or at least a reflection, of capital punishment this episode doesn't wash.

The idea of angst-ridden cops and boozed-up prosecuting attorney's wallowing in soul-searching bouts of self-recrimination over their involvement in an execution is just about the most laughable thing one could imagine.

Despite the series's perspective L & O is very liberal in much of its subject matter once it gets away from the meat and potatoes style material that makes up much its content. This episode is a case in point where the writers imposed their standards or viewpoints on characters who, in the real world, wouldn't have cared less about the imposition of a sentence many in the law enforcement community whole-heartedly agree with.

I happen to be opposed to capital punishment, but I have family and friends working in the law enforcement community who constantly deal with all the worst elements of society and see a side of life that most of us thankfully don't have to become involved with. They can hardly be blamed under the circumstances for developing very cynical and hard-line views, particularly given the violence they're so often required to deal with. Ask most cops to render a view on capital punishment and the vast majority would nod their approval without a second's thought. I'd hazard a guess and say most attorney's working for a DA's office would feel the same way as well.

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