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"La Femme Nikita" Innocent (1997)

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"Terrorists sneaks a nuclear device into the country, and Section finds that its only hope of locating it rests on a childlike pizza deliveryman (Maury Chaikin) who witnessed something suspicious."

This episode opens with Birchoff's discovery of a plane carrying a live nuclear warhead into the country from Helsinki. Section begins tracking the plane, waiting for it to land so they can head off the terrorists.

Rudy, a simple pizza deliveryman, gets lost looking for an address and ends up at the airport where the warhead has landed. He sees the men exchange what he calls "a fancy phone with gadgets on it" before driving away. Moments after they leave, Michael's team appears on the scene and takes Rudy in for questioning.

No one in Section has the compassion to understand Rudy, save for Nikita. In her one-on-one conversation with Rudy, she quickly realizes how to get answers out of him...through kindness.

The terrorist delivers a message to Section, giving them a 24 hour warning and reassuring them that he is the only person who knows the bombs location. He then shoots himself.

Rudy's only concern is for his sister who has down syndrome. Nikita promises Rudy can talk to his sister after he helps identify the men he saw at the airport. Rudy has a unique ability to remember numbers and is able to give Birchoff the limo's license plate number. When Rudy figures out that he's not in a police station, Operations tells him he's in Section One, which is a death sentence.

Section traces the limo's plate number to an embassy and Michael's team attends a party there in hopes Rudy can identify the second man. Rudy falsely identifies someone at the party as the man and sneaks away to go see his sister Belinda. Nikita and Michael track him to the assisted living home where she lives and bring him back to Section.

After being yelled at by Operations, Rudy buckles down and looks at photos of people from the embassy party. He's distracted by Operations having a teleconference meeting with other leaders and points to the man he saw at the airport, one of the leaders!

Operations leads a mission to acquire Guy, the man Rudy identified. They pull him into the back of the van and begin cutting fingers off in order to get the location out of him. Michael's team races to the site where the bomb is, but cannot disarm it; the code is too long to crack in time. Nikita remembers Rudy can retain numbers and asks where he is. Michel calls Section just in time to save Rudy from being cancelled. Rudy remembers enough of the code to help Birchoff disarm the bomb.

Operations pulls Nikita into his office and tells her Rudy will be let go on a trial basis, with the stipulation that is he's found out by the enemy, Nikita herself will cancel him. She agrees. Section implants a tracking device in him and Nikita is allowed to escort him home.


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