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[first lines]

Arnie Becker: As far as I know, Patrick Flanagan is a felon! He gave me assurances that this little girl would not testify before the grand jury. That is obstruction of justice!

Leland McKenzie: Do you have any proof of that?

Arnie Becker: Of course I don't have proof, Leland. I thought you'd believe me.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Patrick said that he tried contacting you with the settlement offer, but you were unavailable, which is why he went ahead on his own.

Arnie Becker: [scoffs] Oh, please!

Leland McKenzie: He also said that no such assurances were ever given.

Arnie Becker: He's lying! Can't you see that? Less you be under any further illusions, this is someone who lies to get what he wants. He came into my office on that day and told me right to my face at what he wanted to do and asked if I was with him on it. I told him, under no uncertain terms: "do not do this." He went ahead and he did it anyway!

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Even if that was true, just keep in mind that he brought into this firm some $9 million, and additional clients and revenue...

Arnie Becker: Douglas, he is dangerous! He's a closeted sociopath, and a pathological liar!

Leland McKenzie: Now, hold on Arnie! I think that's a little harsh. I've known Patrick all my life. He wouldn't do that.

Arnie Becker: All right, fine. Do whatever you want. But I'm telling you right now, I will NOT work with him again, Leland! The day you insist that I talk to, or work out my differences with that scummy guy, that is the day that I quit!

Leland McKenzie: That's your progosis?

Arnie Becker: It certainly is! I'm telling you both... Daniel Morales was right about him! Morales was right!

[Arnie storms out of the office and slams the door shut. A stunned Douglas looks over at the very skeptic Leland]

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Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [shaken tone] First Daniel quits, now Arnie threatens to because of Patrick Flanigan? Doesn't that strike you odd at all?

Leland McKenzie: [skeptic tone] No, it doesn't. Patrick maintains that no such assurances were ever given. I belive him.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Patrick maintains a lot of things, Leland.

Leland McKenzie: [realizing it] Why... yes, he does.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: At the very least, for a nice guy who brings in the business and makes money, he does stand to get accused of obstructing justice pretty often. Think about it. Plagerizing his thesis in law school. Accusations of evidence tampering, witness intimidation and extortion, inducing perjury, and now this?

Leland McKenzie: Well, so far all of the accusations have been groundless.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [gets up and leaves] Yeah... so far.

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Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: What do you want?

Patrick Flanagan: I want to know how we can resolve this case.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: It was resolved. What do you want, Mr. Flanagan? Shouldn't my lawyer be here?

Patrick Flanagan: I want $750,000.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: Come again?

Patrick Flanagan: One payment to me, non-negotiable. A check made right now.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: In case no one mentioned it to you, I won that case. According to my lawyer, you have less chance of that then at appeal. So if you're gonna threaten me with that, forget it.

Patrick Flanagan: I don't think your lawyer is taking all the facts into account.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: What facts?

Patrick Flanagan: Things that should become public which might ruin your reputation and practice.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: What things?

Patrick Flanagan: Like what happened to your practice in Philadelphia over 10 years ago.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: I never had a practice in Philadelphia.

Patrick Flanagan: I think you did. I think you had to pack up and leave Philadelphia just like you did in Framingham, Massachusetts a year before and Essex, New Hampshire two years before that.

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: What are you talking about? I've never been to any of those places in my life!

Patrick Flanagan: I think you have. What do you think it would do to your reputation if it would come out that you left those places after you were caught by your co-workers molesting female patients while they were anesthetized?

Dr. Frederick Schodel, DDS: Who told you that?

Patrick Flanagan: [smirks] I really don't recall. It could have been... at a party, or some kind of professional function. All I will say is that I heard it and took note of it.

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Patrick Flanagan: You wanted to see me?

Leland McKenzie: Yes, it's about the Rudolph case.

Patrick Flanagan: I know that Arnold says I engineered the whole thing and went behind his back, but that's really not the case. He's just jealous that I thought up of the settlement before he did. This all has been a misunderstanding.

Leland McKenzie: You know, Patrick... you always seem to have a perfectly logical answer and explanation to every question, every issue, and every accusation that is brought to you. A little too perfect, I might add. I always looked upon McKenzie Brackman as a family then a law firm. I want the people who work for me to be happy and I also want them to be honorable. However, there are some cases and clients that we will not take on. There are some things we will not do.

Patrick Flanagan: I don't believe I did anything wrong in this case, sir. Becker just has it out for me because he thinks I upstaged him with this case over...

Leland McKenzie: [cutting him off; firm tone] I don't want to talk about Arnold Becker. I want to talk about you. I will not tollarate lying or deception from anyone that works for me, not even from you. I am going to ask you one question this one time, and I want you to look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Your answer will stay in this office between you and me. No one else will know. If you tell me the truth, I will stand by you and help you out any way I can.

Patrick Flanagan: All right.

Leland McKenzie: Did you secretly meet with Mr. Rudolph and forced or intimidated him into accepting a nine million dollar settlement to be sent from him to our firm and then afterwords, under Mr. Rudolph's behalf, did you give assurances to Arnold Becker that Mr. Rudolph's daughter would not testify against him?

Patrick Flanagan: [short pause; impassive tone] No, I did not.

[there is another pause as Leland is clearly not sure this time if Patrick is telling the truth -which he is not-; but Leland seems to accept it anyway and lets the matter drop]

Leland McKenzie: Okay.

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