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Jack Sollers: Objection!

Judge Marilyn Travelini: Sustained.

Grace Van Owen: Isn't it true, Ms. Shays, that you have alienated almost everybody you have ever worked with?

Rosalind Shays: No, that isn't true.

Grace Van Owen: Okay. Those seven firms totaled 452 lawyers. How many of those colleagues are friends of yours today?

Jack Sollers: Objection!

Grace Van Owen: Turn propensity to several relationships is directly at issue.

Jack Sollers: Move to strike!

Grace Van Owen: Her inability to get along with the people she works with is directly at issue!

Jack Sollers: Your Honor!

Judge Marilyn Travelini: The objection is overruled.

Rosalind Shays: I get along with people I work with.

Grace Van Owen: Name a friend, Rosalind, there are 452 names on this list. Pick one, pick one person who is a friend.

Jack Sollers: This is badgering!

Grace Van Owen: Go ahead. Choose one, but I would subpoena whoever that is.

Jack Sollers: Your Honor!

Judge Marilyn Travelini: Ms. Van Owen.

Grace Van Owen: I'm sorry, Your Honor. Ms. Shays, given the fact that you have never established a close friendship with any of your colleagues. Given the fact that you have left eight law firms, four of them on very unfriendly terms. Given the fact that nobody at McKenzie, Brackman even remotely like you at the end, despite once having like you enough to elect you Senior Partner. Is it possible that you are not a nice person to be around?

Jack Sollers: Your Honor, this is total badgering.

Grace Van Owen: I'm done here.

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