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Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Will Rosalind be joining?

Leland McKenzie: Uh, no. No, she won't. As a matter a fact, Rosalind has ask me to informed you all, she'll be leaving by the end of the week.

Arnie Becker: She's taking all those clients with her?

Leland McKenzie: Yes.

[Benny has serve some danishes on the plate. Ann ask Benny how his show of The Wizard of Oz going so far]

Ann Kelsey: So, Benny, how's the show going?

Benny Stulwicz: Good.

Stuart Markowitz: You're shopping for an agent yet?

Benny Stulwicz: No.

[Benny felt bad. And he left the meeting]

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What's with him?

Leland McKenzie: Can we get started?

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Cavanaugh vs. Smyth.

Michael Kuzak: And we go today. It's gonna be a tough one.

Arnie Becker: I'm surprised you're even taken it to trial.

Michael Kuzak: Well, outing makes some people pretty mad, Arnie, and particularly the out he...

Jonathan Rollins: What is outing?

Michael Kuzak: There some gay activists like the defendant who believed in forcing other gays to come out of the closet. Sometimes it's gay, politicians who don't support gay causes other times it's just people that they want everyone to know they are gay.

Abby Perkins: Sounds nasty.

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Michael Kuzak: Yeah, well the defendant has freedom of the press on his side, what was published was true. So it's not liable. It's probably not invasion privacy either since my guy was a public figure.

Ann Kelsey: Which is why he was out in the first place.

Michael Kuzak: Right.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, a couple of queens get mad each other. Look out.

Michael Kuzak: These are not queens, Douglas, one is a cop, the other is a journalist. And they are both gays. But they're not queens.

[But guess who's here]

Gwen Taylor: Mr. Becker?

Arnie Becker: Yep.

Gwen Taylor: I'm sorry to interrupt, but lease decker's on the phone wants to know if she can come in at 3:00.

Arnie Becker: Yeah, sure.

Gwen Taylor: Okay.

Victor Sifuentes: Who is?

Arnie Becker: Oh, Roxanne's working half days this week, she needs some more time to tint to her father, so, uh, Gwen is filling in for...

Victor Sifuentes: Gwen.

Leland McKenzie: Is there anything else we can cover?

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Actually, that's it.

Michael Kuzak: Uh, just a second. It's no secret that I have been interviewing with the Wall Street Firm. I've decided to go back to New York. My father has cancer, and the doctors give him a year so to live. I'd like to give him a year also myself. I'm sorry.

[Michael will be going]

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[Checking and opening the door. Benny as the Cowardly Lion find out that Alice as Dorothy is kissing the Scarecrow]

Benny Stulwicz: Hey.

[Alice turned to Benny]

Benny Stulwicz: What are you doing?

Alice Hackett: Nothing.

Benny Stulwicz: I saw you. You were kissing Scarecrow.

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Alice Hackett: Hi, Benny.

Benny Stulwicz: [Benny turned is Alice] What are you doing here?

Alice Hackett: I came to visit. You want to come to a movie tonight?

Benny Stulwicz: No.

Alice Hackett: I want to.

Benny Stulwicz: Go with Harold.

Alice Hackett: I don't want to go with Harold. I want to go with you.

Benny Stulwicz: I'm busy now.

Alice Hackett: You're mad at me?

Benny Stulwicz: Go with Harold. You kissed him that means you like him.

Alice Hackett: You like him, too?

Benny Stulwicz: Well, how about sex? Are gonna have sex with him?

Alice Hackett: No.

Benny Stulwicz: Well, you're... you like to kiss him. Go on. Have sex with him.

Alice Hackett: I'm only want to do that with you.

Benny Stulwicz: Get away!

[Benny pushed and knocking Alice down on the floor]

Victor Sifuentes: Hey! Benny! Are you okay? Alice, you're all right? What do you think you're doing? You're okay?

[Victor find out what happened. Benny scared Alice and then she leave. Victor turned to Benny]

Victor Sifuentes: Benny, don't you ever knock her down like that again! Don't ever do that, okay?

Benny Stulwicz: She kiss Scarecrow on the leg!

Victor Sifuentes: I don't care, Benny! Don't ever go knocking her down like that!

[Benny was scolded, hurting his feelings and walk away for help, but Victor want to stop Benny]

Victor Sifuentes: Benny?

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[Next to the fishes, Leo Hackett has arrive meeting with Douglas]

Leo Hackett: Thank you, Douglas, we'll just be a few minutes.

[Douglas having Benny to see Leo Hackett, and Mr. Hackett closed the door privately and find out why Benny pushing Alice]

Leo Hackett: I'm gonna be very direct with you, Benny. I'm very concerned that you would push out as to knock her down.

Benny Stulwicz: I didn't mean to knock her down.

Leo Hackett: But you did, Benny. You knock her to the ground so hard, she's black and blue. And I don't want you ever to do anything like that again. Do you understand?

Benny Stulwicz: Yes.

Leo Hackett: Are you sure?

Benny Stulwicz: Yes.

Leo Hackett: Good. If you two are gonna be married and that kind of thing cannot happen.

Benny Stulwicz: I know.

Leo Hackett: Now, I understand that she was kissing the Scarecrow. And that, too, presents the problem. And I'm gonna talk to her about that.

Benny Stulwicz: No, it's between me and Alice.

Leo Hackett: Okay. You talk to her.

[Benny shakes hands with Leo Hackett. And Benny will see he'll talk to Alice]

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