[C.J. intervenes in a near-fistfight between Rollins and Mullaney]

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Will you two knock it off! Jonathan, please leave.

[Rollins exits]

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: [to Mullaney] And you!

Tommy Mullaney: What? He barges in here telling me how to try a case!

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Well why did you take the case in the first place for God's sake?

Tommy Mullaney: Because the money's good, there's good publicity and I get my name in the news. Why do you thing I took the case?

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Tommy, the prosecuter is your ex-wife. You took the case to beat up on her, lose to her, anything so you can be the same room with her. You want to do any to make sure that Zoey remains part of your life.

Tommy Mullaney: [feigning ignorance] What? You have no idea what your're talking about. This has nothing to do with Zoey, or my past with her.

Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: [sarcastic tone] Yeah, right. I couldn't be further from the truth, could I?

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[McKenzie follows Susan Bloom into the ladies room]

Leland McKenzie: Hey, come here! You've been avoiding me!

Susan Bloom: Not now Lee, I gotta duche.

Leland McKenzie: Listen, I let you share office space here to bring in extra revenue for this firm, which means that I have to put up with your filth and disguesting habits of the way you practice law. But you crossed the line with the videotape. Cross it ever again, and I guarantee that I will terminate your lease so fast that...

Susan Bloom: [interupting] You know, Lee, I get the feeling all this hostility of yours is a way of venting your frustration out on your personal life.

Leland McKenzie: It's Leland.

Susan Bloom: Whatever... Lee. I see that because of this hot-temper of yours is a way of saying that you are in a way attracted to me. So, to settle this little hassle, I'm willing to let you have your way with me once.

Leland McKenzie: What are you talking about?

Susan Bloom: I'm talkin' about sex, Leland. I'm talking about the way you look at me with those hostle eyes and know you want to take me. Go ahead, pick a stall. I'm yours for seven minutes.

Leland McKenzie: [frustrated to himself] Give me strength.

[McKenzie exits the ladies room as Bloom smiles]

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A.D.A. Zoey Clemmons: [Gasp] Who are you?

John Harvey: Who else could it be, dear? No deadbolt, it's a shame.

[the man having a wig, turned on the lamp and see who he is with a knife]

John Harvey: You treat me with such vindictiveness in court and you think I can just accept it? Oh, no, I feel compelled to discuss your behavior further. I'm shocked you didn't expect me.

[Coming out from nowhere is Tommy from the bathroom pointing a gun]

Tommy Mullaney: I expected you.

John Harvey: [Stopped] Oh, dear.

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Tommy Mullaney: You know you really had me going, John, I didn't know if Kelly Socha was going to show. Only thing I was positive of was that someone was going to show up tonight.

John Harvey: What's your timing is such a pity.

[Harvey put the knife down]

John Harvey: As it stands, I can only be arrested for breaking and entering. If you stayed in the bathroom for just a bit longer, I might have said some things to Ms. Clemmons, you could have really used against me. What a shame. I really was feeling quite chatty. This way I'll be in and out of jail in a jiff. What a disappointing ending to such a good story. Dear, dear. Maybe when I get out, I'll come back again.

Tommy Mullaney: No, you ain't coming back. See I had to kill you in self-defense.

[Gun cocks]

Tommy Mullaney: Too bad really.

John Harvey: This... that's cold-blooded murder, she's a district attorney.

Tommy Mullaney: I'm saving her life. Something tells me she'll save mine. Bye bye, John.

John Harvey: You want me to do something threatening. Something to justify self-defense, you wouldn't dare shoot if I stayed passive.

Tommy Mullaney: Wrong.

[Mullaney lurches with the gun as if to shoot. Harvey suddenly produces a pistol from his overcoat, but before he can fire, Mullaney pulls the trigger. The bullet hits Harvey squarely in the chest as he staggers backwards]

John Harvey: You really oughtn't have done that. I haven't paid you yet.

[He goes to raise his gun and Mullaney fires again. Harvey crashes up against the wall. Eyes open... but now he's dead. He slides down the wall, lifeless as Mullaney and Clemmons stare in horror]

Tommy Mullaney: Much better ending.

[He then goes to Clemmons, who's in near shock. Holds her]

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