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A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: So when's the big move?

Roxanne Melman: I think we ought to wait for awhile.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: This morning? You were all for it?

Roxanne Melman: Your office called. Next week, your father's coming to visit.

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Daniel Morales: That is Alison.

[Gwen is looking at the picture of Alison Morales, the real late wife of Daniel]

Daniel Morales: Those are not too long after we were married.

Gwen Taylor: I can't tell if this is the one who went into the house.

Daniel Morales: Gwen, please, believe me. It's not the woman.

[Gwen looked, that it isn't the woman in the photo. Her face is different. Different person. And her hair is different. Gwen understands that]

Gwen Taylor: Daniel, there is, um, something. Last week, I had a blood test for Huntington's career. It's hereditary, hidden in midlife, causing lack of coordination, then mental deterioration and finally death. But there's a 50/50 chance, I don't have it. But I thought, I should tell you.

Daniel Morales: What?

[Gwen gives a kiss to Daniel]

Gwen Taylor: Let's talk about it later.

Daniel Morales: Okay.

Gwen Taylor: Your wife.

[Gwen look in the photo. That's Daniel's wife Alison. She is beautiful in the picture]

Gwen Taylor: She was pretty.

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Ann Kelsey: Stuart, you gotta be aggressive of...

Stuart Markowitz: Let me get my coat.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Ann, I'm worried. Getting Stuart to talk about the attack was like pulling teeth, you saw that. Cigarette?

Ann Kelsey: No, thanks.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I tried to quit smoking.

Ann Kelsey: Stuart will be ready. Besides, we got another eyewitness.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Maureen Wilson?

Ann Kelsey: Yeah.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Frankly, I'm not sure how she'll hold up during cross.

Ann Kelsey: What about Adam Baybour? You spend 3 hours pepping his testimony.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Still all testifying.

Ann Kelsey: Hasn't the DA's office ever heard of a subpoena?

[Tommy checked that Stuart is coming]

Ann Kelsey: Sorry.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Lots of people were there watching your husband get played like a bungler drum. Check as always been finding someone to stand up to the gangs, and I.D. the suspects. I know how your feel. I went to bounds over for trial, too.

Stuart Markowitz: [Coming out] Okay.

[Looking at Stuart]

Stuart Markowitz: What?

Ann Kelsey: Nothing.

Stuart Markowitz: You want to remind me again how I'm suppose to perform in court?

Ann Kelsey: Stuart, that's not what I'm...

Stuart Markowitz: Like to train seal, Ann Kelsey's animal act.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Folks, we gonna be late.

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[Coming out of nowhere, Law Messenger Benny Stulwicz loading the mail in the cart. And he heads to the exit in the stairwell]

Benny Stulwicz: Hello? Hello?

Linda Salerno: Hiya, Benny. How are you?

Benny Stulwicz: Okay. I guess.

Linda Salerno: I have something that might make you feel better.

[the woman throws a fairy dust for Benny. Benny doesn't like it]

Linda Salerno: Benny, what's wrong? Yesterday, you were so happy.

Benny Stulwicz: Me like this is sneaky.

Linda Salerno: [Regrettably] Oh, Benny. You know... if I gonna be a good fairy godmother to Gwen, I have to make sure she doesn't get anymore mail that might upset her.

Benny Stulwicz: Yeah.

[Benny handover the mail to the woman]

Benny Stulwicz: Does... everybody have a fairy godmother?

Linda Salerno: Of course.

Benny Stulwicz: Maybe I should tell Gwen.

Linda Salerno: No. No, you must never tell Gwen. Then the magic spell is broken. And I will die.

Benny Stulwicz: But she probably liked to meet you and thank you for protecting her.

Linda Salerno: Someday. Soon.

[Return and handover the mails back to Benny. The woman laughing smiling]

Linda Salerno: Run along.

[Benny will head back to the office]

Linda Salerno: Benny?

[Benny turned, the woman threw one more time and again is the fairy dust]

Linda Salerno: Bye.

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