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Tim asks Jenny to marry her - but she just had a sex encounter with Marina..
Jessica Carvalho11 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Bette and Tina still are having problems in their relationship, mostly due to the problems of finding a good sperm donor; When Bette finds a donor for them, called Marcus Allenwood, she didn't tell Tina that he's black, making Tina feel uncomfortable with the decision of raising a biracial kid; for Bette, being biracial herself, having a black donor wasn't a problem and this makes them have different opinions about the future kid they are going to raise together.

Jenny still is finding hard to get creative ideas for the story she wants to write, but when she joins Marina's book group, she gets a bigger brainstorming of new ideas. Jenny also ends up having a brief sexual encounter with Marina Ferrer while going to visit Marina's house.

Tim asks Jenny in marriage giving her a ring at the breakfast. Jenny is feeling guilty of what she did with Marina, but she accepts the ring. Tim, unaware of what happened between Jenny and Marina, invites Marina and other group of friends to a dinner at his house.

Bette and Kit are still trying to have a good relationship as sisters; Bette goes to Kit's house to get some advice of how to proceed with Tina and the donor's problem.

Alice is obsessive about a chart she invented to show how the lesbian girls are all connected to each other. Gabby, an ex girlfriend Alice had in the past, wants to go out with her again. Alice stays thinking about the possibility of going out with Gabby again, but all the girls are against this idea, since Gabby always treated Alice in a bad way.

Lara Perkins, a sous- chef that works at the tennis club Dana usually practices, is always sending food to Dana as courtesy. Dana pretty soon gets interested on her, but unable to know if Lara is gay or straight, asks for some help to her friends, that do some hilarious tests to see how Lara reacts.

(The funniest one is to send Shane to talk to her!)
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