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Caine finds his 'brother'
kevin olzak15 August 2010
Season 3 Episode 2- The third season revived the storyline involving Caine's search for his half-brother Danny, here finding him a simple, hard working farmer (James Wainwright), receiving his sibling in a less warm fashion than does his pregnant wife Ada (Carol Lawrence). Meanwhile, looking down on the Caine ranch are a trio of gunslingers led by Curley Bill Graham (Richard D. Kelton), who remember 'Danny' as a former marshal noted for his lightning fast shooting skills. Kwai Chang Caine soon begins to suspect that this man is no relation of his, but remains to prevent any killing. Curley Bill's two companions are played by John Vernon and A Martinez, who would both return for the series finale in more benign roles. Richard D. Kelton, who doesn't fare well against Caine in the climactic shootout, died tragically at age 35 while studying his lines in 1978, poisoned by carbon monoxide from a faulty heater in his dressing room. Next up- "This Valley of Terror"
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