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"Kung Fu" Dark Angel (1972)

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Caine comes upon a man wounded by Native Americans and nearly dead. Accepting the challenge to fight from their leader, he vanquishes the brave using his kung fu skills. The dying prospector gives Caine a map to the location of his gold.

Almost lynched by local townspeople when he brings the body to prospector into town--the same town his father is from--Caine is "saved" by local Serenity Johnson (John Carradine), a ne'er-do-well who is soon seduced by the possibility of finding the prospector's gold. Serenity's mute helper, Sonny Jim (future nerd Robert Carradine) alerts Caine that the preacher is in trouble, and Caine finds the old mad staked out by the Indians with his eyes sewed open to the sun: blinded.

Ultimately, Caine shows Serenity how to rely on his other senses. Serenity, in turn, uses his new awareness to persuade Caine's close-minded grandfather to accept the wandering monk. Caine learns that he has a half-brother, and is given several letters that may lead to his whereabouts. Serenity, with the help of several men who are down on their luck, builds a church. Caine continues with is journey, now with a purpose...finding his half-brother.


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