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  • A mysterious unfriendly man comes to a remote mountain town to buy supplies and causes the locals to wonder why he is there. He further puzzles them when he sets up a homestead next to a long played out mine and puts up a 'No Trespassing' sign. Meanwhile, the owner of the town's General Store and his daughter are battling their own demons.



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  • When a quiet stranger (Clint Walker) shows up in a small mountain town, most of the residents take an immediate dislike to him. Except for one, Ellen (Mala Powers), the daughter of the general store owner. When the stranger takes up residence at the top of the mountain, suspicion settles in, especially for Harvey Farnsworth (Robert Duvall), who works at the store. No one has any answers, but every time the stranger shows up to order supplies, more questions are created than answered. All the while Ellen takes an interest in the stranger, and at the same time is trying to break free from her father's (Jay C. Flippen) influence. After Ellen & her father have a fight, she decides to go see the stranger. Her father and Harvey go after her, expecting the worst. Only time will tell what the stranger is up to, but will it be too late? As seen on the Retro TV Network, July 2009. Music by John Williams.

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