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A One Way Ticket To Somewhere
telegonus17 January 2011
A Cause Of Anger is a decent, somewhat above average Kraft show that features some excellent performances by Brian Keith, Nancy Malone, Robert Crawford, Jr., Kevin Hagen, and Anthony Caruso. The story is at times hard to follow, as it concerns a troubled boy with a high IQ being taken from Los Angeles to a psych clinic in Kansas (Menninger?) for treatment.

No nonsense hard guy with a military background Brian Keith is in the driver's seat to make sure the boy doesn't get out of line. Nancy Malone is the compassionate nurse who connects well with Keith, who has a heart of gold, as these two become for all intents and purposes the surrogate parents of the boy in his journey.

As the plot unfolds these three are being followed by a woman and her male companion who are scheming to kidnap the boy so as to extract money from his wealthy father. The woman claims to be his mother, and as played by Audrey Totter, in pathetic-yearning Claire Trevor mode, she is a pitiful woman with emotional and well as financial designs on the boy. Things are wrapped up a bit more loosely than I would have wished but overall this was a satisfying episode. The direction, by veteran Richard L. Bare, is very good, and things move along at a good clip.

The show in its serious psychological theme is more reminiscent of doctor, nurse, teacher and social worker shows of the same period featuring regular players than a one off entry in a suspense series. It works at both levels, as a character study,--studies, really--and a kind of mystery, and it touches some deep chords, or did with this viewer, as it may well with others, even if one's personal history is quite different from the boy at the center of the story.
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Uncle Bill struggles with a kid who is far more unruly than Buffy or Jody....
MartinHafer13 October 2015
This is an odd set-up for an episode of "Kraft Suspense Theatre". A young super-genius named Ralph has a super-explosive temper and it's triggered extremely easily. For some reason, a CID agent (Brian Keith) and a nurse are assigned to take him cross-country to some clinic where they are going to figure out what makes Ralph so angry. Now here's where it gets weird...during this trip, there is a station wagon following them...but why?! And, when their car has an odd breakdown, you cannot help but wonder what's coming next.

The agent played by Keith is a very nice and insightful guy---sort of like Uncle Bill from Keith's series "Family Affair" (except when he threatens to belt the kid--and I could easily understand why in this case). While this kid is certainly no Buffy or Jody, it does make for an interesting episode. Who is after the kid and why?!

Sadly, although Keith was very good in this, the resolution was just stupid--too pat, too uninteresting and too 'nice'. A big disappointment, as it ended just horribly.
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Road tripping
ctomvelu112 March 2013
A teenager (Crawford) with a form of autism that causes fits of uncontrollable rage is being transported by a CID officer (Keith) and a psychiatric nurse (Malone) from California to a military clinic in Kentucky. Along the way, they discover they're being followed by a man and woman. The boy is a handful, and various things happen along the way that cause the trio to have to stop more often than planned. At one stop, the kid disappears as does the mysterious couple, leaving behind a badly beaten girl . Plus the officer and nurse run afoul of the law. The climax is a bit of a surprise, although it is wrapped up a bit too neatly. The cast is outstanding, and includes veteran character actor Anthony Caruso as a sympathetic law officer. Nicely paced, well photographed. Structured like a theatrical release.
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A case of anger management
sol17 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Unable to control his violent temper it's decided by his pop Sidney Harrow, Len Hendry, to have his young genius, who has a plus 180 IQ, 19 year-old son Ralph Harrow, Robert Crawford Jr, committed to a mental institution until he gets his head together. With ex-US Army MP Captain Andy Bastian,Brian Keith, behind the wheel Ralph is driven cross county from L.A to this state of the art Kansas mental institution together with his private nurse Linda Beaumont, Nancy Malone, going along for the ride.

Unknown to everyone but the sharp eyed and alert Andy Bastian there's someone following him Ralph and nurse Beaumont all the way from L.A for reasons God only knows. It's later after Ralph has one of his fits and sneaks out of the motel room, that he's staying with Andy and nurse Beaumont, that it becomes evident to Andy who's been tailing him on the road all this time after he left L.A. There's this trio of unsavory characters who are following Ralph and planning to kidnap him in order to shake down his rich pop for big bucks. Among this group is the floozy and a bit out of it, probably because lack of sleep, Myra Moran, Audrey Totter, who's masquerading around as Ralph's long lost, and possibly dead, mother!

Attending a party in town Ralph ends up too drunk to remember what happen there but is suspected in punching out and putting her into a coma pretty Native American girl Peggy Sue, Linda Dangcil, by busting her face in with his fists. It was Peggy Sue that Ralph met and got very friendly with just hours before at a Mexican restaurant where she works as as waitress! Andy who's no fool and had a good idea to what happened suspects that it was the barley sober Myra Moran and her two partners Skippy & Walker or Skip & Walk for short, Douglas Henderson & Robert Foulk, who've been tailing him all the way from L.A who's responsible for this outrage. That's when Peggy Sue interfered with their plan to kidnap Ralph at the party.

****SPOILER***After taking a knock on the head in the restaurant parking lot from Walker Andy gets together with local Arizona Indian policeman Cuero, Anthony Caruso, who just happened to be Peggy Sue's dad to track down the trio who by then had kidnapped both Ralph and nurse Beaumont. It didn't take much to find the trio of kidnappers and their victims and even less to convince Ralph that out and out drunk Myra Maron isn't his real mother. In fact Ralph knew that all along but, with his superhuman intelligence, just played along with her in order, in just how both dull and boring this "Kraft Suspense Theater" episode was, to have something to entertain himself with. Now with his head all cleared up even before he was treated for his paranoid mental condition Ralph can get back to normal not by being committed to that Kansas mental institution but by, as a future doctor and psychiatrist as well as brain surgeon, help those in it to overcome their own mental problems.
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