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Character error 

Kolchak describes the "fifth column" as a Nazi spy ring. The term was actually coined by General Mola during his advance on Madrid and referred to his supporters inside the city.


After the werewolf is dispatched, Kolchak says that "when the old ship was scrapped, all evidence was scrapped along with her." But in the next scene, he is dictating the final details into his recorder, while sitting on the dock with the ship behind him.

Factual errors 

Stiglitz would not have been discharged from NATO but from the armed forces of his own country.
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a strategic coalition of individual nations. Therefore it seems unlikely that NATO would threaten a lawsuit against Kolchak's news service.
The freshly poured silver bullet Kolchak dips into the glass of water should have hissed and steamed but it doesn't.
When Kolchak tries to get to the bridge he says he and the Captain served on the Yorktown in 1944. The crewman blocking his access points out that the Yorktown went down in 1942. While the first Yorktown (CV-5) was sunk at Midway in 1942, the second Yorktown (CV-10) (renamed from the Bon Homme Richard) was launched in early 1943 and earned 11 battle-stars in the Pacific theater.

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