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Julian is finally confronted with the fact that Sasha and Cash are in love when Cash admits to him that they are lovers, despite his attempts to keep them apart. Sasha then explains to Julian that she understands that Julian and Cash are more than just human, though she's not quite sure how, but that she still wants to be one of them. Julian gives in and gives his permission for Cash to offer the 'embrace' to Sasha.

Meanwhile, on Julian's order, Daedalus executes a Kindred Doctor, who has been feeding on dying children in a hospital. Unfortunately he is seen by one of the dying children, who he takes to his lair in a moment of compassion and seeks to have Julian 'embrace' the child and save his life. He would do so himself, but he knows that that would doom the child to an existance as a Kindred of the Nosferatu clan, hideously deformed and confined to the shadows for eternity, a fate he suffers. Julian declines Daedalus' request, telling him that the Kindred cannot interfere in human lives, and orders him to return the child to the hospital, which he reluctantly obeys.

All the while, Eddie Fiori, leader of the evil Bruhaw clan, seeks to agitate Julian and start a war between the clans by having Sasha, Julian's last remaining 'human' relative, turned into Kindred by one of his own, consequently making her a member of the Bruhaw clan. Cash is forced to watch as Eddie's henchman first drains Sasha of blood and then forces her to drink his own blood, 'embracing' her into the Kindred and making her a part of the Bruhaw clan. Cash is released, since he can do nothing to stop Sasha from becoming Kindred and Bruhaw Clan, and he helps Sasha deal with the coming changes as the 'embrace' turns her into a Kindred, even letting her feed on his blood, but both are apprehensive that the blood of the Bruhaw clan that is turning her will change her feelings toward Cash, since his clan is an enemy of the Bruhaw clan.

Julian is informed of Eddie's activities and goes into a rage, confronting Eddie in his own office and telling him that he has broken Kindred law and that he will pay for it. Julian leaves Eddie's office and seeks out Daedalus to ask for the support of the Nosfeatu clan in the coming war, but Daedalus denies Julian's request, siting that the Nosferatu clan does not participate in Kindred wars. It is now that Daedalus goes back to the hospital and the dying child and gives him a cure to his sickness.

Finally, in a dark warehouse, the Bruhaw clan confronts Julian and the other clans, prepared to battle for control of the Kindred in the city. Facing eachother, the clans size eachother up before battle, trading words and insults, but then the members of the Nosferatu clan show up and pledge their strength to Julian. Eddie's clan folds and Eddie is taken for punishment while the henchman that had turned Sasha againt her will is killed by the Nosferatu clan.

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