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"She's lying" "Your word against hers"
TheLittleSongbird16 April 2010
Personally I think this episode is my personal favourite of the first series. While the identity of the murderer is seemingly ambiguous, then again I need to see this episode again, it is a fine episode with good writing and acting. The title of my review is the line from the script that stuck with me after watching, there is something very foreboding about it. The story about a prostitute accused of killing an entrepreneur is well constructed and has some very compelling courtroom scenes to boot and a charming cricket match scene. Once again the acting is top drawer with John Thaw excellent as always, Anastasia Hille an alluring and somewhat mysterious defendant, Jesse Birdsall as Des and Lisa Harrow looking beautiful here. Plus Tony Haygarth is good with the screen time he has as the victim Patrick Hutton. Also good are the camera work, which is fluid and beautiful and the music which has one of the most hauntingly poignant piano themes I've heard. Overall, my personal favourite episode of the 1st series. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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