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If all the Justice League episodes are going to be this good...
David del Real19 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
_______Justice League_______ Animated TV Series. Season 1. Episode 6.

_____THE ENEMY BELOW._______

If all the Justice League episodes are going to be this good...

I honestly think that the "SECRET ORIGINS" episodes gave a solid start for this TV show, even when they weren´t outstanding. Next, we had episodes 4 and 5 that I didn´t like much, and probably neither did you. Now, this one "THE ENEMY BELOW" is in my humble opinion the first episode of this series that rates somewhere between very good and excellent. With "The Enemy Below" we had, for starters, a plot where politics is an important part of the story, as it is only natural that if our Superheroes save the world (sometimes from itself) on a regular basis, their actions or the lack of them will have political and social implications.

This episode showed us a different animated AQUAMAN that the cheerful character we were used to see in "The SuperFriends" , the previous incarnation of the Justice League where AQUAMAN seemed to spend most of his time as a Superhero an didn´t have to worry about being a King with all that that implies.

Even when I missed the old school Aquaman, this incarnation of him as a tough and to a extent intransigent ruler was for sure a surprise, and maybe the most notorious part of it is that the "leaders of the surface" as he used to call our world representatives, weren´t exactly models of equanimity, justice and fairness and they didn´t even recognize Aquaman´s kingdom as a nation.

Now, we have a plot against the life of Aquaman, probably engineered by someone from his own kingdom, as the hired assassin was paid in Spanish doubloons (very probably from an old sunken ship from the times of "La Colonia" when Mexico and other countries were territories of Spain, judging from other objects in the image) and this mere attempt is about to threaten the security of the world, as Orm, Aquaman´s brother, is now planning a global attack against the world of the surface.

Thanks for reading.

IMDb Review written by David del Real.

January 2018.
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