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Nice Concept, Stumbles a bit at the End
zachary russell15 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
To start with let me say I think this idea is great at it's core. Any series that focuses on a group of any sort should certainly delve into what connects them, makes them an effective team, and any obstacles; personal or otherwise that exist.

That being said, Part I does a great job of setting up the problem. Gorilla Grodd uses his mental influence to bring out the less then charitable feelings the members of the Justice League have toward one another, driving them apart. He and his super villain Secret Society track them down and capture them one by one, planning to execute them publicly.

Then comes Part II, and the good guys win.....why?

The Climax Setup: J'onn impersonates Clayface and frees the rest of the league and the two teams square off. Green Lantern warns them that Grodd has been manipulating them against one another. Flash asks what they can do against his influence. Lantern's response: "We get over it, that's how!" Big Fight, Good Guys Win. .....WHAT?!

That has to be some of the laziest writing I have seen in this show's run so far! 'Get over it?!' Ridiculous!

Revised speech off the top of my head 10 min after seeing this episode: Green Lantern: "We remember why we trust one another, we remember what drives us. We are the ones who help people and we do it together!"

Maybe a little cheesy, but so much better than "we get over it!"

This episode started out so well and it doesn't completely flop, but I think it could have been so much better.
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Is this the end of The Justice League?
Reginald D. Garrard2 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first installment of a the two-parter "Secret Society" sports some nifty dialog exchanges between the Gorilla Grodd's assemblage of bad guys as well as sharp barbs traded between the heroes of The Justice League.

Unknown to the latter, Grodd (Powers Boothe) is using his telepathic abilities to drive a wedge between the League members, resulting in the characters verbally assualting each other.

A well-written and wonderfully acted by the regular actors and the recurring ones, the story demonstrates how easy it is for even the most noble of heroes can be influenced by outside sources. It also shows "flaws" in the heroes' respective personalities: for example, Superman (George Newbern) comes across as slightly arrogant in regards to his "invulnerability" and Batman's (Kevin Conroy) tendency to be a loner questions his ability as a team player.

Because of this, the episode could possibly have been subtitled "Cracks in the armor".

Great voice-over work from Boothe, Ron Perlman ("Clayface"), Ted Levine ("Sinestro") and the regular cast.
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