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What a terrible shame
kjpsychology2 May 2006
To be honest, this show had incredible potential, but lacked a good time slot, which ultimately was not able to draw a strong and steady audience.

Each episode of the show was a different case involving a certain crime, and the final verdict must be decided among a jury. In the show, we see the actual delagation, negotiation process in the jury room. Ideas, opinions are stormed, formed and conflicts of interest and opinion in the jury room make the audience second guess their initial judgments. Every episode I watched had a steady plot, and rising nail-biting climax one would expect from a crime-court drama.

Side story lines of the main characters, their daily personal lives are often seen, so the audience will get to know them better, to appreciate their roles in the show.

Most of the ideas and concepts of the crimes are pretty standard - but what made the show interesting of course is to throw in an unexpected twist in the end. Most of the time, the show strategically plays clips of the crime scene with all the main players of the case involved, in different perspectives. That is, in the eyes of the victim, the eyes of a witness, and the eyes of the offender. This is done in such a way, that it would lead you to believe something - but in fact, you could never see the full picture. Obviously that should happen to keep the audience intrigued and second guessing, but in this show, you feel like you can't miss a second, or else you'd miss the entire case.

It's a true shame that this show aired during the summer where virtually no one really watches that much TV - especially when it's a new show. Had it been established earlier in the year during prime time TV, it would have definitely been a hit.
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