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Joey and the Taste Test (#1.13)
ComedyFan20108 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Joey is dating the actress that plays his daughter but Lauren doesn't approve of it, so they decide to date secretly. Only they are caught very fast. The actress locks herself in the locker and Bobby who comes doesn't make the situation better. After they resolve it Joey has to get Gina out of a toilet because she is mad that Michael chose Alex's lasagna over hers.

The part of Bobby coming over and fighting with Lauren was pretty good. They both are awesome characters on the show and have them as rivals makes it even better. Also the way she ended this situation by having both as clients was pretty funny, very much her.
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"It feels good to laugh"
studioAT6 December 2017
Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg Meehan must have had a vision for the direction they wanted 'Joey' to go in, and by writing episodes in its first series they were able to help shape this.

Their knowledge of the character shines through in this episode, directed by David Schwimmer, that sees Joey's personal life mess up his professional. There are no jokes that are unworthy of the character, and the supporting characters all get their moments.

It's another strong episode of the show, with Lucy Lu adding a lot in her role as Lauren. As with Alex previously though they seemed all too quick to shoe horn her into being a love interest, when in fact she could've worked out quite nicely as a obsessive producer of Joey's show in a recurring role. Perhaps she couldn't commit to being a permanent fixture.

It was also good that Bobbie actually appeared in Joey's outside world, rather than being stuck in her office.

This is by far one of the best episodes from 'Joey' series one.
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