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An Intergalactic School Daze!

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
14 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a story of how a grave misunderstanding drove a young boy to a life of crime. A boy with a very bright future, now shunned from the family he thought he knew, and took to the space streets. He joins space mobsters with laughing gorillas to rob space jewelers... what? It never happened to you? Anyway, as our story begins, our hero, young Elroy Jetson heads off to school with Jane warning him not to stop at the space burger satellite before or after school and sends him on his way. Then she watches Judy ski to school. Just like water skiing, only minus the water. Then, the king of the space castle, George Jetson awakens and turns on the auto-dresser, and for once it functions properly. He is told to take Astro to the kennel on his way to work, at first George is reluctant, but it is apparent he has no choice in the matter. At Little Dipper School, the one from the intro, Elroy stands before the class solving a space calculus problem. Calculus in first grade? If he's this smart, why don't they skip him ahead? He'd graduate long before Judy. Anyway, Elroy is commended by the teacher, when the lesson is interrupted by a little wiener-head named Kenny Countdown, watching a billionth Flintstone rerun with Fred jumping on Barney; the robot teacher, Miss Brainmocker, proceeds to hand out report tapes (futuristic report cards). Elroy is told he's aced, while Kenny has four D's, an F and an H. An H? Hellish? Well, the little jerk plays the old "look, a bear" trick and switches tapes on Elroy. This would not be a problem had the tapes been marked with the student's name. For some reason they are not, so when the family hears Kenny's tape, thinking it's Elroy's, George gets bent out of shape, sends Elroy and Astro to their room without supper pills and threatens to take away their credit cards. There is a phone call. Kenny Countdown's dad had beaten the truth out of his son, so, feeling lower than a Martian midget's nut sac, George goes to apologize to his son, only to find him replaced by a note saying they had run away.

Elroy and Astro hit the space streets with nothing but woe in their hearts and jet packs on their backs. After Astro devours their weeks' worth of food pills in one gulp, the police show up to warn them about Mugsy Megatron, out of the clink and on the run. A few miles away, Mugsy was attempting to rob a jeweler, with his bumbling sidekick Microbe, and for added muscle: Magilla Gorilla's cousin. Finding they're too fat to fit through the ventilator, Mugsy spots Elroy coming their way, so he puts on dark glasses to imitate a director, because anybody who wears dark glasses is a director. Elroy buys this and helps them rob the joint, thinking it was all a TV show. The Unspaceables; they book it when the fuzz show up, but Mugsy subdues them with a freeze gas gun. Giving "freeze" a whole new meaning...well, not really. As they fly off, Elroy suddenly feels homesick and regrets running away and worrying his family half to death. Getting an idea, Mugsy heads to Elroy's house and decides to use it as their new hideout. Meanwhile, George and Jane had informed the authorities of their runaway, just as reports came in about a new criminal in town. Surprise, surprise, it's Elroy; feeling they've failed as parents, George and Jane go home...and get bound and gagged by Mugsy and his crew. Astro, meanwhile, breaks free of his bonds and goes to fetch a policeman. Just before the gorilla is about to mangle George, the cops subdue him with freeze gas and hauls the cons out to the wagon. Elroy is exonerated and Astro brags about it to the press... plus, they all lived happily ever after.

Nice episode. The last one until the 1985 series reboot. Too bad all that trouble had to happen just because the report tapes didn't have the student's name on it. I guess even in the Jetsons' far off futuristic world, there is always something overlooked. Anyway, "Elroy's Mob", not a great episode, but a good one. The story is very far-fetched, even for a cartoon. But it's Hanna-Barbera, what did you expect? So, if you're a new fan of The Jetsons or an old fan looking back on fond memories, I definitely recommend the 1960s originals. I think my favorite Season 1 episodes are TV or Not TV, Elroy's Mob, Elroy's TV Show, A Visit from Grandpa, Test Pilot, Jane's Driving Lesson, and Las Venus. Any least favorites would probably be Private Property, The Space Car, Miss Solar System, and Astro's Top Secret. They weren't bad episodes, they just didn't do much for me. Anyway, on to Season 2.

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