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The dedicated follower of fashion
didi-523 January 2010
Jason King started life as a character in the series Department S, which was more serious in substance. However, there was obviously mileage in giving the bouffant-haired dandy a showcase of his own. Cue some dodgy fashions, bad jokes, cartoon fights, and a 70s cult character.

To Russia With Panache, quite apart from the Bond reference, is high camp at its best, with the usual doses of sexism and xenophobia seen in many shows of the period. Jason is abducted by a saucy maid and her henchman and sent parcel post to Moscow to investigate just how three diplomats turned to ashes in an elevator.

Aiding or hindering are three comedy male comrades, and a couple of pouting females - but will he crack the case? Hugely entertaining fluff and benefiting from a wonderfully ripe performance from Peter Wyngarde, always a striking presence in any show he turns up in.

Look out for the lack of location shooting and widespread use of fur and rubber. And, as you would expect, there's an ending which would not shame Sean Connery's master agent.
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