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"Jam" Episode #1.2 (2000)

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A man is seduced by his wife's midwife and has sex with her in the next room whilst his own wife is in the middle of giving birth.

A doctor insists on going to the next room to listen to his patient list his symptoms over the telephone. The doctor has a very bad memory and ends up forgetting what he's doing, so that when the patient telephones the office next door, the doctor chides him for not making an appointment.

A recurring character is introduced, a man named Mr Ventham. Even compared to the surreal nature of the show, this recurring sketch is clearly dreamlike. In each sketch, Ventham enters a plush office for a meeting with a middle-aged man to whom he goes with his minor problems. In this one, Mr Ventham doesn't know what to do on Saturday evening. He is advised to go and see a show with some friends. Everyone involved in the Mr Ventham sketch is incredibly polite and formal with each other, although Mr Ventham always gets strangely nervous when making small-talk with the secretary outside.

A Dutch porn star (played by Chris Morris) explains his fear of getting "The Gush", which is apparently a terrible affliction male pornographic movie stars can sometimes get. It involves being unable to stop shooting semen, resulting in the victim ejaculating themselves to death over a period of several days.

A man throws himself into an industrial shredder that is set up to spray his bloody remains over his ex-wife's house. He calls out to her before jumping into the shredder so that the horrified woman leans out the window just in time to get a face full of gore.

Faked CCTV footage shows television presenter Richard Madeley beating up a cleaner and having sex with a vending machine.

One of the most controversial sketches of the series shows a woman begging a plumber to "fix" her dead baby. She reasons that the baby is only really constructed of pipes and other materials, and tells the plumber that he would easily be able to repair the corpse to working order. He is very reluctant, but after being offered 1,000 an hour he takes the job and reroutes the central heating pipes through the baby's body. We do not see his completed work, but the mother - who is obviously quite deranged - is very happy with the results.

A man holds up a shop, demanding a packet of cigarettes whilst thrusting a gun into the terrified cashier's face. The armed-robber then insists on actually paying for the cigarettes, and is confused when it is explained to him that he didn't need the gun; he explains that it is for the purpose of ensuring he gets his change.

A brief scene shows a crying woman complaining "I can't feel my cock" when her mother asks her what's up.

A middle-aged man declares how is doesn't like the idea of dying in his old age and so has himself buried (alive) "whilst I'm in my prime." He sits up in the coffin during the funeral service, listening to his own eulogy.


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