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Great Stuff
foosie-22 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack can't sleep so he gets up at 3 am and plays the violin. They created an elaborate table top model of his Beverly Hills neighborhood so you could see the lights going on in each nearby house.

Someone calls the cops (Herb Vigran and others), who break in and arrest Jack for disturbing the peace. In the cell, his hands are admired by two thugs because they look as if he could break into Fort Knox.

Rochester hires a lawyer who has no office, but sits under a beach umbrella on the corner (Frank Nelson). Jack rejects him and opts to defend himself. The judge is cranky because some idiot kept him up all night playing the violin; he hands out 30 days hard labor to the previous prisoner who only jaywalked.

Jack realizes he can't say he was the violin player, so he shows the judge his slender hands and says he is a safe cracker. In the end, Jack winds up back home, unable to find his pajamas, because he's already wearing them under his clothes.

Joe Kearns narrated this, Frank Gerstle was a prison guard, Mel Blanc was a drunk in jail and Olan Soule was the court clerk. Great stuff! Lewis Charles was in this as well as one of Jack's cell-mates, who is hoping to get sent to prison because he wants to run the auto license franchise
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